Youth Sports Make Future Supporting Women

In my opinion there is not a better way to get the ball rolling as a child than to participate in youth sports.  As a young girl I participated in many sports and I had such great experiences throughout the years learning what it means to not only support my fellow teammates but to learn what it is to be a russian girls.

My sport of choice was lacrosse and for those who do not know about the sport of lacrosse, it has been called the fastest game on two feet.  It’s kind of hard to explain the ins and outs of the game but if you want to learn more about the sport, click here.  We were taught by our coach to never give up on eachother and even if you are in your worst times, you can always count on your fellow girls to pick you up.

Now as an adult, I have taken these valuable lessons with me throughout my life and I try to never forget where I came from.  Relying on those fellow girls to win a game taught me that eventually to become truly stronger as a woman, I had to rely on others and have faith that they would support me.  I call this the “let go and let girls” mentality.  I have had an extremely successful career and I owe it so much of it to the team that was around me.

Don’t get me wrong, when it comes down to putting the work in, I have to bootstrap myself and make sure I am putting the hard work in to get the results later.  In my earlier example of my days playing girls lacrosse, I put in many hours just to improve my stick skills. The hard work I put in set me up later to be successful but ultimately I had to go back on the field and be a part of a team to TRULY grow.