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  WS TEAM Mentors....

  • Paula Constantino      Harness the Internet Mentor
  • Robbie Motter             Government Contract & Connections Mentor
  • June Davidson            Coach & Seminar Training Mentor
  • Terilee Harrison          Business Mom Mentor
  • Mimi Donaldson          Bless Your Stress & Communications Mentor
  • Madeline Lewis           Management & Life Skills Mentor
  • Colette Carlson          Ask for What You Want Mentor
  • Suzanne Peters         Visual Communication and Marketing Mentor
  • Grace Jeon                 Real Estate & Insurance Mentor
  • Kimberly Renee          Events Marketing Mentor
  • Joan Kilduff                 Organizational Development Mentor
  • Lauren Garvey           Public Relations Mentor
  • Peggy Patrick              Technology Solutions Mentor
  • Sara Hurd                   Joyful Self Management for WAHMs Mentor
  • Patricia Tinker            Inner Self and Healing Mentor
  • Amy Bradbury            Small Business Support Mentor
  • Evelyn Gray              ADD & Productivity Mentor
  • Dr. Judith Valentine    Inner & Outer Health & Beauty Mentor
  • Elinor Stutz               Smooth Sales Mentor
  • Dr. Rhoberta Shaler   Spiritual Living Mentor
  • Evelyn Siegel              Merchant Services/Card Processing Mentor

  • Dr. Beverly Tillman     LEAP of Faith - Empowerment Mentor
  • Pamela Harper           University of Masters Mentor
  • Kwai Lan Chan Cook  Business Energy Mentor
  • Debora McLaughlin      Audacious Marketing Mentor         
  • Tina Hiatt                    InThink Women Mentor
  • Janet Snyder               Peak Performance Mentor
  • Kristin Grant                Marital & Parenting Mentor
  • Libbe HaLevy               Life Action Mentor
  • Sandra Tate                Reclaim Your Life Mentor
  • Collette McKie             Secrets of the Empress Mentor
  • Debbie Friedman          Conscious Creation Mentor
  • Donna Mills                  Artful Communications Mentor
  • Terri Levine                 The Coaches' Caoch Mentor
  • Dianne Legro               Speaking for Success Mentor
  • Celeste Lauren            Women's Transitional Life Mentor
  • Brenda Anglin              Creative Health Mentor
  • Karyn Fagan               Team Women Mentor
  • Suzanne Mann            Wealth Management Mentor
  • Joyce DeGaw             Transportation Mentor
  • Dorothea Harrison       Branding & Design Mentor
  • Juanita Bellavance       Marketing Mastery Mentor
  • Marilyn Bonnett           Mental Toughness Mentor
  • Yvette Luster              Women & Youth Empowerment Mentor
  • Georgia Donovan        Fashion, Beauty & Style Mentor
  • Barbara Legan            Healing from Loss Mentor
  • Lynn Gardner              Radical Sabbatical Mentor
  • Dolores Arste              Taking the First Step Mentor
  • Heather Lynn Jergens  Charisma & High Voltage Mentor
  • Mary Heidkamp           Rapid Intervention Mentor
  • Barbara Wadsworth    Appearance/Business Networking Mentor


Linda Hollander (third from the left), Founder of the Women's Small Business Expo in Torrance, CA in April 2006 with WS TEAM Mentors Paula Constantino, June Davidson, Terilee Harrison, Joan Kilduff, Elinor Stutz, Robbie Motter and Evelyn Gray.


** Steps to use our WS TEAM online Directory : 

  • You will be able to view the entire directory or you if you Click on "TEAM Directory" on the side menu and then on "Simple Search" the drop-down menu , you can find specific fields in the Directory.  
  • Enter your search criteria in the Search Box – for example, Mentor, sales, Mom, juggling, spa, finance, etc.
  • If your Search terms include more than one word, you can search all the terms or any single term – for example, with a search for the terms "Mom entrepreneurs" – you can
    • limit your search by checking off “ALL of the Words” or
    • broaden your search by checking off “ANY of the words.”
  • For more details - When your search results come up, you can click on the little icon (head and shoulders) and “View Entire Profile - located at the upper left of the results box.
  • If you have any questions about using our directory, email .



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