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Should you be a Mentor?


Yes, we all have at least one area that we really know something about – whether work related or not.  As women, we love to collaborate and exchange tips and information with other women.


Why should you be a Mentor?


Because as part of our TEAM of Mentors, you can mentor and support other women by sharing your unique knowledge and expertise … As Mentors, we get to share something that we do best or really love to do with other women – achieving the satisfaction of giving of ourselves while helping other women enhance their lives and build their businesses - as well as creating additional income with downloadable informational products..  


As a Mentor, you also become part of our synergistic TEAM of experts reinforcing your reputation and prestige as expert in some area that you really love a chance to showcase your areas of expertise.


As part of our TEAM, you can publish your online or newsletter articles on the WS TEAM websit e as well as on your own website, reaching a broader audience and market to build your business.

Mentors are encouraged to create their own informational products and WS TEAM will market them on this website.


Why should you be part of WS TEAM when you’re already so busy?


Because as women constantly on the move, we can appreciate having

a TEAM of Mentors available at our fingertips all on one website accessible to us any time day or night…  

And the first step to true success is creating synergy by sharing what we know with others.

We can share our knowledge and expertise with so many more women by "packaging" it by creating informational products. 


As part of our TEAM, you can achieve more with less effort.   Working together with others is the key to true success.


How can being a Mentor help your business?


As a Mentor, you can leverage your time and expertise by creating informational products (e-books, toolkits, audio and other informative materials) for the WS TEAM website as well as your own... creating additional income for you and your business.

Many of our Mentors have already developed informational products that they sell on their own websites... and now on ours also.

If you still need to develop your own informational products, we have Mentors and tools to help accelerate that process. 

All this provides you with a broader market for you business to build your business even more.

Be a Mentor 

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