Become a Mentor

Be a Mentor
Part of Our Supporting TEAM…

Women’s Support TEAM is for YOU because

          Together Everyone Achieves More
Success with Less Stress Globally


Be part of our TEAM of Women who help and support other women for the success of all…


As a Mentor, you can …

  • Achieve synergy – your key to success
  • Expand your market reach
  • Become better known as an expert in your field
  • Increase your income and your credibility
  • Develop and market* informational products to leverage your time and expertise – “package” your knowledge
  • Gain personal satisfaction of sharing your expertise to help other women succeed
  • Learn and evolve as you share your knowledge
  • Enjoy communicating with others who have interest in your field
  • Have more fun… giving of yourself

* Note:  WS TEAM will market your downloadable Informational Products so that you don’t have to if you do not have an ecommerce website.



As a Mentor, you are requested to…

  • Offer a free short consultation to Participants (members) or
  • Offer one or more of your products and/or services to our Participants at a discount
  • Participate in a reciprocal online affiliate program with affiliate links to and from the WS TEAM website.  We will help you set up that affiliate program as needed.   It’s quite simple .


What does it mean to be a Mentor with our WS TEAM?


It means that you are part of a TEAM of unique women who are abundant, open minded and giving of spirit… who create synergy by working together for the benefit of all.

What is the vision for WS TEAM?

WS TEAM is for women to help other women achieve more success with less stress globally… all by sharing what they are passionate about and what love to do… in effect by “packaging” themselves.

When women create and market downloadable informational products(DIP), they can reach and help so many more women than otherwise possible – as well as create additional income for themselves.

WS TEAM fosters the sense of sharing and mentoring for the benefit of all… with laser-focused solutions for the growth and advancement of women everywhere.

Everyone on the TEAM truly wins:

  • Mentors share their knowledge by creating the DIP once and thenautomatically receive additional income from the selling them… on our WS TEAM website and their own website(optional)
  • Participants (members) have access to the TEAM of Mentors and thier DIP – often at a discount.
  • Affiliates achieve additional income with a broader market reach.

WS TEAM will market your DIP so that you don’t have to if you do not have an ecommerce webiste.  If you do have the ecommerce website, we will still promote your DIP with an affiliate link.

What are areas available for Mentors?

Each Mentor is encouraged to niche her own unique area to mentor, but here is a list of some Suggested Mentor Areas.