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  WS TEAM Charter Mentors....

  • Paula Constantino      Harness the Internet Mentor
  • Robbie Motter            Government Contract & Connections Mentor
  • June Davidson            Coach & Seminar Training Mentor
  • Terilee Harrison          Business Mom Mentor
  • Mimi Donaldson         Bless Your Stress & Communications Mentor
  • Madeline Lewis           Management & Life Skills Mentor
  • Colette Carlson         Ask for What You Want Mentor
  • Suzanne Peters         Visual Communication and Marketing Mentor
  • Grace Jeon                Real Estate & Insurance Mentor
  • Kimberly Renee          Events Marketing Mentor
  • Joan Kilduff                Organizational Development Mentor
  • Lauren Garvey           Public Relations Mentor
  • Peggy Patrick             Technology Solutions Mentor
  • Sara Hurd                  Joyful Self Management for WAHMs Mentor
  • Patricia Tinker            Inner Self and Healing Mentor
  • Amy Bradbury           Small Business Support Mentor
  • Evelyn Gray              ADD & Productivity Mentor
  • Dr. Judith Valentine    Inner & Outer Health & Beauty Mentor
  • Elinor Stutz               Smooth Sale Mentor
  • Dr. Rhoberta Shaler   Spiritual Living Mentor
  • Evelyn Siegel              Merchant Services/Card Processing Mentor
  • Dr. Beverly Tillman     LEAP of Faith - Empowerment Mentor
  • Pamela Harper           University of Masters Mentor
  • Kwai Lan Chan Cook  Business Energy Mentor
  • Debora McLaughlin      Audacious Marketing Mentor         
  • Tina Hiatt                    InThink Women Mentor
  • Janet Snyder               Peak Performance Mentor
  • Kristin Grant               Marital & Parenting Mentor
  • Libbe HaLevy               Life Action Mentor
  • Sandra Tate                Reclaim Your Life Mentor
  • Collette McKie             Secrets of the Empress Mentor
  • Debbie Friedman         Conscious Creation Mentor
  • Donna Mills                  Artful Communications Mentor
  • Terri Levine                 The Coaches' Coach Mentor
  • Dianne Legro               Speaking for Success Mentor
  • Celeste Lauren            Women's Transitional Life Mentor
  • Brenda Anglin              Creative Health Mentor
  • Karyn Fagan               Team Women Mentor
  • Suzanne Mann            Wealth Management Mentor
  • Joyce DeGaw             Transportation Mentor
  • Dorothea Harrison       Branding & Design Mentor
  • Juanita Bellavance       Marketing Mastery Mentor
  • Marilyn Bonnett           Mental Toughness Mentor
  • Yvette Luster              Women & Youth Empowerment Mentor
  • Georgia Donovan        Fashion, Beauty & Style Mentor
  • Barbara Legan             Healing from Loss Mentor
  • Lynn Gardner              Radical Sabbatical Mentor
  • Dolores Arste              Taking the First Step Mentor
  • Heather Lynn Jergens  Charisma & High Voltage Mentor
  • Mary Heidkamp           Rapid Intervention Mentor
  • Barbara Wadsworth      Appearance/Business Networking Mentor
  • Sandi Athey                 Block Busting Mentor


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