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These TEAM Mentors.... women with expertise in one or more areas are also captivating,motivating, inspirational, dynamic public speakers...

Arrange to have one or more of them spark your audience at your next event...

Words of Praise for speakers ~ Robbie Motter, June Davidson and Paula Constantino....


WS TEAM Panel of Speakers


As the JumpStart Your Biz expert, Katrina Sawa, is an internet marketing guru, as well as a motivational speaker who excites audiences to take action because she literally kicks them and their businesses into high gear.


Katrina stimulates audiences to be more successful in Internet Marketing, Networking, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship, including…

  • Marketing Through the Internet -  Web Design Secrets and Strategies – How to get and  convert web traffic; what the one thing to add to your website now that brings new business; simple ways to build your contact list from your website; and the “Secret Formula” to writing a webpage so it gets read and responded to.

  • Kicking You and Your Business into High Gear Online and Off! – How to identify and overcome what's making you feel stuck in your business so you can move forward faster; design your business to fit your lifestyle instead of fitting your life around your business; simple, easy marketing strategies to give you more repeat business and referrals; and  2 simple strategies Millionaire Entrepreneurs use in their business that you can implement too so that you can create and LIVE the life of your dreams. 
  • How to Be the Go-To Gal of Your Industry or Organization! – How to catapult your business into a hugely successful and profitable business this year by transforming yourself into the Go-To-Gal for your industry or organization; how to be everywhere and have everyone know you; how to have a professional and recognizable brand; how to be the expert; and how to ACT on opportunities. 
  • Maximize Your Follow Up System for Million Dollar Results! – Learn the easiest, quickest ways to build an effective follow up system; what exactly you should be sending, mailing, emailing and saying; the 3 types of follow up marketing you want to concentrate on; how to delegate and automate the majority of it so it all gets done; plus strategies that millionaire entrepreneurs use to increase their business. 
  • 3 “Million Dollar Business Success Strategies” that will Take Your Business from Surviving to Thriving! – Learn the secrets Millionaires use in their own businesses; goal setting strategies that make you think bigger; how to be more successful in business without spending more time; the one thing that could be holding you back from success; simple, easy Relationship Marketing strategies to give you more repeat business and referrals; 2 ways to get more balance in your life; plus how to get more publicity and exposure in your business and community.


Katrina enjoys inspiring, motivating and educating other women on how to design a business to fit their lives and to free them up to do the things they love.  Katrina constantly informs entrepreneurs that the fastest way to build a successful business is to automate, delegate, systematize, build “the list” and communicate regularly.


Partial list of speaking engagements include eWomenNetwork; Placer Women’s Network; National Assoc. of Women’s Business Owners(NAWBO); The Opportunity Expo; American Society for Training and Development; Multi-cultural Business Forum; American Business Women’s Association (ABWA); Money Wi$e Women Forum; Women on the Move Conference and others. (References provided upon request.)


Having received and been nominated for numerous awards, Katrina can be contacted by clicking here.


  Julie Lenzer Kirk, Founder of Path Forward International and our ParentPreneur Mentor, has been motivating and enlightening audiences internationally for almost two decades. Her topics have spanned various venues from conferences to meetings, from thousands to intimate groups of 20. She has also been interviewed on various television shows, such as Fox Morning News and NBC.


Julie’s main topics encompass ~ Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Work/Life Balance ~  

  • REAL Entrepreneurship: Taking control of your future!
  • Redefining the "B" Word: Getting what you want out of work and life… GUILT FREE!
  • Secrets of Building a Million Dollar Business While Raising Children

Julie is an award-winning entrepreneur who is passionate about empowering others into entrepreneurship… with expertise garnered from being a business owner, mentor, author, international speaker, community volunteer, and mother of two.


Having founded her first company, a software and services firm called Applied Creative Technologies, Inc. (ACT), when her children were young, Julie grew her business to multi-millions in revenues as she raised her children. After cashing out, she now teaches entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland, writes a column for Enterprising Women magazine, and is the entrepreneurial “Ask the Expert” on Working Mother Magazine’s website.


As the Founder of Path Forward International, she offers workshops, consulting, and keynotes to give entrepreneurial companies and individuals a “Boot in the Butt™” to launch new ideas, grow existing ventures, find their work/life balance, and fine-tune their leadership skills. Her book, The ParentPreneur Edge: What Parenting Teaches About Building a Successful Business, published by John Wiley & Sons, is available online and in bookstores internationally.


Located in the Baltimore/DC area, Julie is willing to travel internationally for the right opportunities. To line Julie up for your event, contact her at


   Margie’s upbeat and down-to-earth style, fabulous stories and powerful message will challenge the minds, touch the hearts and ignite the spirits of your audience.


As a certified Executive & Life Coach, Speaker and Best Selling Author, Margie Warrell has an extraordinary ability to get to the core of the issues which limit success and stifle potential. She empowers your audience with fresh perspectives and practical strategies they can use immediately to rise above their self doubt, fear and limiting beliefs and step into action to enjoy greater success a  deeper sense of purpose in their relationships, career, business and life.


Margie really walks her talk when it comes to living a courageous life. Her unique & entertaining stories and powerful lessons draw from her diverse personal and professional experience.


From her childhood growing up in a large family on a farm in rural Australia to her intrepid travels to nearly 60 countries from Algeria to Papua New Guinea to her experiences as a Marketing Executive for international corporations including BP Oil and KPMG to the challenges of raising for young (and noisy) children whilst moving around the world, Margie eloquently captures the keys to living a bigger, more rewarding and more courageous life.



The spirit of adventure that she has embraced in her own life truly inspires your audience to live with more clarity, confidence and courage!


Margie ignites audiences on these main speaking topics:


COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS! ~ How to Speak Up About the Things That Weigh You Down Without Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth

  • Learn how to muster up the courage you need to speak up, Plus
  • Strategies for managing your own emotions and responding powerfully to negative emotions in others
  • Techniques for coaching yourself through life's most challenging conversations
  • How to bridge the "communication gap" between what is being ‘said’ and ‘heard’ to be more persuasive 
  • Speak your truth assertively but not aggressively
  • Uncover the #1 key to being a growing influence
  • Learn how to say no with more grace and less guilt
  • Use 'awkward silences' to enrich the conversation 


LEADERSHIP IS A CHOICE ~ Stepping Up To the Leadership Plate to Grow Your Influence & Expand Your Contribution


  • Challenges your audience to take on the responsibility for leadership in every area of their life
  • Five questions every leader needs to ask themselves (and honestly answer!)
  • Why integrity lies at the heart of leadership & how to restore it
  • Key challenges to being an authentic leader in the 21st Century and how to meet them
  • Everyday choices that create leaders and reveal greatness


SUCCESS IS A BALANCING ACT? ~ Success Is A Balancing Act! Are Your Staying Upright?

  • Explore the Superwoman Syndrome, uncover the myths around “life balance” & how to stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself
  • Learn the #1 key to managing commitments and avoiding overload & burnout
  • Say no with more grace and less guilt
  • Learn how to make more powerful requests
  • 3 key life enrichment strategies to incorporate into everyday life to reduce stress, increase energy &  stay motivated
  • Create an environment and support systems that makes “success” easier to experience on a daily basis

In this fun and highly interactive presentation, Margie shares entertaining stories of her own “balancing act” as a ‘working mum’ along with fresh ideas and practical strategies for designing a work/life balance that allows your audience to live a truly successful life with less stress!


Margie has extensive experience speaking to groups from 15 to 1,500, with clients that include NASA, ExxonMobil, Verizon, Accenture, Medical Society of Virginia and the list goes on.


Margie prefers to speak on the East Coast, especially in the DC Region. Contact her at


  Liz Goodgold, our Duh Marketing Mentor, is renowned for making audiences laugh while they learn... often as the Marketing and Branding Keynote Speaker.

As an entertaining and engaging speaker, Liz has been called the "Jerry Seinfeld of marketing" for her uncanny ability to find humor in everyday communication. She translates abstract marketing ideas into easy-to-understand applications through the use of real-world examples and personal stories.

Her Markeing & Branding presentations deliver results:

  • You want to increase sales . . . Liz delivers proven tools and techniques.
  • You need to harness the power of branding . . . Liz presents tactical and practical ideas.
  • You want to launch a new service . . . Liz builds mindshare that translates into market share.

To learn more about Liz or to book her for your event, contact


  Andrea R. Nierenberg, Million Dollar Networking Mentor, speaks in cross-cultural settings around the globe at internationally-known companies and conferences. 

Author of Nonstop Networking: How To Improve Your Life, Luck and Career and Million Dollar Networking: The Sure Way to Find, Grow and Keep Your Business, she plans to have her third dynamic book out soon.

Andrea, with 23 years of speaking, training and consulting experience, provides her audience with outstanding tools and techniques to build business, including.

  • Networking to Grow Your Business
  • The Power of Networking
  • Presenting with Power
  • Developing A Self Brand that Sells You and Your Product

Andrea was honored as the NAFE Woman of the Year 2003. As a respected author and quoted expert, she has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Selling Power, Sales & Marketing Management, Inc. Magazine, The Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, Entrepreneur, and Training & Development.

To learn more about Liz or to book her for your event, contact


  Susan Wight, Business Matchmaker Mentor, is  a published author, Capital Speaker Club member and eWomen Executive Director, as well as a recognized speaker on Networking and Business.


Networking is relationship building. It's a conversational art. Meet the artist, Susan Wight.


Business and Personal success motivation sometimes requires a little spark from one who's been there before. 


Susan comes from an interesting blend of experiences. As Virginia's top female steeplechase jockey two years in a row, she knows how to  make it to the finish line. Following the athletic success she worked for Xerox and Hughes Aircraft in Project Management, and then joined Mary Kay Inc, and eWomenNetwork almost simultaneously (where she has won numerous awards).

Susan's forte is motivation, she lives to edify women.


Susan’s speaking experience includes being a spokeswoman for Mary Kay Inc. in throughout the US and Brazil and eWomen Network in the Mid-Atlantic area and at Corporate in Dallas, TX.  Susan is also a distinguished member of the Capital Speakers Club at the Congressional Country Club, Bethesda MD.  Her awards include four career cars in Mary Kay, top woman VA steeplechase jockey,  and most recently awarded "Uptown Scoop All Star” Award 2008


Susan prefers to within the Virginia, DC and Maryland area.   Contact her at for more information or to book her for your event.


   Kathleen Gage, Street Smarts Mentor, the CEO and founder of Turning Point, Inc., and Maxwell Publishing, is a bestselling author and an internationally recognized marketing and publicity expert. Described by many as one of the most inspirational speakers alive, Kathleen is known as the “Street Smarts” speaker and author. Kathleen teaches others how to use instinct, wit, creativity, and spirit to achieve their fullest potential.


Kathleen has risen above seemingly insurmountable odds to become an award winning business owner, bestselling author, Internet sales and marketing trainer, and award winning keynote speaker.  She has dedicated herself to assisting others in unleashing possibilities to create a life rich in spirit, passion, prosperity, self-assurance, and success.


Her motivational presentations focus on Internet Marketing and Women's Achievement and include:


  • Achieve Your Fullest Potential ~ A motivational and inspirational keynote that explores the importance of thinking patterns and attitude in both our personal and professional life. How we think impacts the quality of our work, productivity and relationships. In this fun-filled presentation you will truly understand that life is not about what happens to us, it is about what we do with what we’ve been given that makes all the difference.
  • Making Money with the Internet ~ Whether you’re brand new to business or you’ve been in business for years you can learn to Make Money with the Internet faster than you ever thought possible. Whether you are selling a product or service, want more visitors in your retail store, are promoting a book or seminar, or want to get lots of people to go to your website ~ if you are ready to make more money right now ~ there is a simple, easy-to-apply method available to you.
  • Making Money with Teleseminars ~ In this content rich mentoring course you will learn how to make between $5,000 - $10,000 each time you host a teleseminar. You will learn Kathleen’s step-by-step formula on how to plan, develop, market and implement money-making teleseminars even if you have never done one before.
  • Write, Publish and Market a Book ~ A power-packed course for those who are serious about going from book concept to being a successfully published author faster than you dreamed possible.    Designed for those who are interested in learning the power and profit that comes from being a successful self-published author.


Kathleen is the bestselling author of The Law of Achievement, released in May, 2006. Some of her other works include Message of Hope, Inspirational Thoughts for Uncertain Times; Workplace Miracles, Inspiring Stories and Thoughts of Possibility; 101 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door: Success Strategies Guaranteed to Put You Miles Ahead of the Competition; Street Smarts Marketing and Promotions: Street Smarts Making Money With the Internet; 101 No Cost and Low Cost Ways to Market a Business; and her newest release; The Truth About Making Money with the Internet. 


Kathleen has been the recipient of numerous awards including the National Speakers Association Utah Chapter Speaker of the Year; 1992 GTE Health Systems Employee of the Year; KMGG Radio Top Performer in Sales; the Leadership and Communications 2000 Award for Toastmasters International; and the 2004 Giant Step Award for Business Leadership, Innovation and Success awarded by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Workforce Services of Utah.

Kathleen prefers to appear within the United States.  For more information or to book her for your event, contact


   Elinor Stutz, our Smooth Sale Mentor, helps entrepreneurs, network marketers and corporate salespeople become more successful through relationship selling and strategizing.  Having been honored with Top Sales Producer Awards throughout her career, she transformed her highly successful sales career into her own sales training company.

Elinor, published author and keynote speaker,  stimulates audiences to increase sales and strategize for success, focusing on:

  • Relationship Selling:
    • How to be invited for appointments and
    • Earn larger sales, repeat business, referrals and testimonials
  • Strategies for Success - How to GROW Your Business:
    • Specific strategies are shared for growing your business at lightening speed
    • Mindset, strategy and implementation - all necessary components for success.

Her tools include her book Nice Girls DO Get The Sale, 4-CD Sales Toolkit and electronic How to Grow Your Business.

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Elinor is open to speaking internationally.  Contact her at  


   Colette Carlson, our Ask for What You Want Mentor and Founder of Colette Carlson Communications, draws on her 20 years experience in the personal and professional development field, as well as being a National Sales Trainer for a division of US West and working with professional trainers Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracy.  

After years in sales, Colette understands how the fear of rejection prevents people from being clear and direct in uncomfortable situations. This is why she switched gears, opened her own professional development company and is passionate about motivating women to Speak Their Truth!

Women are still not asking clearly and directly for what they need to be successful. Instead, they are sabotaging their success through self-defeating behaviors that are costing them time, money and sanity!  

With Colette’s Communication Mistakes Even Smart Women Make, audiences gain the respect and credibility they deserve by learning how to:

  • Identify and overcome internal obstacles to assertiveness.
  • Project a powerful image by leveraging gender communication.
  • Use clear and direct language to get immediate results.

Colette has a degree in Speech Communication, a Masters Degree in Human Behavior, a monthly column in a national publication and is a featured author in Conversations On Success, a content-rich collection of interviews capturing the insights, strategies and inspirations of success-minded people. 

If there is a way to get there, Colette is happy to go! Contact Colette at  

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   Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, Spiritual Living Mentor, an international speaker, consultant, and executive coach, is an integration catalyst helping businesses prosper and people flourish. She leads leaders and teams to optimize the enterprise of their lives and the lives of their enterprises.


A ‘people skills’ expert and founder of the Optimize! Institute in Escondido, CA, Dr. Shaler works with organizations that know their people are their top resource and with leaders who know that building relationships is a top priority. She makes it easier to talk about difficult things and has taught 1000’s how to communicate, manage conflict & anger, and negotiate--calmly & effectively. She teaches the skills that solve ‘people problems’ to strengthen teams, optimize productivity & increase profits.


In 2004, she was honored by the American Business Woman’s Association as an Outstanding Businesswomen of the Year for Southern California. Dr. Shaler is the author of more than a dozen books & audio programs now in nine languages. Her most recent book, Wrestling Rhinos: Conquering Conflict in the Wilds of Work has been hailed as “a business classic.”


Dr. Shaler is the creator of the Midas Thinking program and Founder of the Spiritual Living Network. To learn more about her speaking, consulting and coaching work, visit .


As an Integration Catalyst, Dr Shaler has been helping businesses prosper and people flourish, with topics on Communication, Core Values, Conflict Management, Prosperity, and Spirituality, including:  


  • SUBSTANCE & STYLE: Secrets That make ALL Relationships Easier ~ Every moment, you are in relationship—at work, at home, at play, even when you are alone talking to yourself in your head. Sometimes, they work well, almost effortlessly. Sometimes, though, it feels like that other person is simply there to ruin your day…or, your life.  Good news! There are secrets to making all relationships easier, more productive in every way, including insights into yourself and others that few have experienced; how your core values create your optimal working style; and how understanding your style and the styles of others can completely change your living and working relationships, giving you clarity, power and purpose in creating healthy, mature and professional relationships.
  • MIDAS THINKING: Attract, Achieve & Accelerate Success ~ Are you clear about what you want? Are you experiencing the life you desire? We all have been encouraged to “go for the gold” just like Olympic athletes do—set goals, stay focused, strive, walk through pain, obstacles and barriers…and win. It has merit. It works. There is a much easier way to create the life you want and achieve in ways that are meaningful to you. Dr. Shaler calls this “Midas Thinking”.  To experience the joy, peace, success and fulfillment available to you takes a simple turn of mind and a willingness to go the distance. Learn how to be a Midas Thinker and experience true power and freedom that is available to you now.


Dr. Shaler has been bringing the integration of psychology, mythology and spirituality to audiences for more than thirty years. Her books are translated into nine languages. She is an excellent choice for your conference, retreat or training events.


Dr. Shaler will speak anywhere she can bring value to your audience, and you can contact her at


   Verlaine Crawford, Inner Synergy Mentor, has presented Keynotes, lectures and seminars nationally and internationally for individuals, corporations, hospitals, non-profit organizations, networking groups, associations companies, resort hotels, interior designers, real estate firms, hospitals, UC Irvine International Forum, non-profit organizations, retail sales, TV and radio.

As a renowned author, speaker and consultant, Veraline offers insightful presentations on these timely topics:


Ending the Battle Within ~ "Create the Life of Your Dreams by Ending the Battle Within:  Keys to Personal & Business Success"


Your audience will gain new tools to the next step beyond "The Secret" and how to work with the parts of you that may be saying "No" to achieving your goals.  You will learn how to:

  • Easily manage stress in their life.
  • Communicate and relate to others more effectively.
  • Discover opposing beleifs that stop them from reaching theirgoals.
  • Integrate all parts of them to use your full power.
  • Create the desires of their hearts!

Younger Again Now ~

  • Would they like to widen their awareness and create the life of theirdreams?
  • Are you ready to activate their inner strength and expand their confidence?
  • Would they enjoy feeling younger and more alive?

They are taking the first steps toward a process of renewal, regeneration, and of course, new beginnings!

It all begins with eash of them. Self-renewal and self-empowerment are a continuous process of self-discovery, which requires their own personal commitment to becoming all you can be.


"Synergy Team Building" ~ Synergy is defined as a mutually advantageous dynamic state where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


Verlaine helps to unlock the personal motivation, the strengths, talents and values of team members, so that organizational goals can be reached. This enjoyable and interactive seminar teaches a variety of techniques, including True Colors Personality styles, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), and Effective Communication styles. Verlaine empowers individuals to learn how to interact and contribute more effectively. ~~


Verlaine Crawford has traveled the world speaking and leading seminars in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Bali, France, Italy, England and across the U.S. She studied International Relations and psychology at UCLA and has served as a business and personal consultant for over 20 years for executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and organizations from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, AT&T, General Electric, IBM, American Express, Bank of America, and more. She is president of Crawford Marketing Consultants.


Verlaine has authored several books: Ending the Battle Within, Daughter of God, A Planetary Vision, and Endless Shades of the Mystical Rose . She is in the process of publishing Younger Again Now!  She has also appeared on NBC TV on  "The Other Side" TV show.

To book Verlaine for your event and to tap into into her insightful presentations, contact her at

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  Maryellen Gor, our Personal Blooming Mentor, is a human performance consultant, lifestyle coach, author, and professional speaker to both the public and private sectors.  Her consulting firm, Watering Can Productions, helps organizations maximize the people skills of their employees to improve profitability.  

Maryellen was interviewed for her book by Katie Couric on the TODAY Show for her book, Blooming Late: Cultivating Your Self-Esteem After Fifty. This book has led her to expand the "blooming" concept to Growing Your Personal Garden, a metaphor focusing on how people can enhance their lifestyles by reducing their stress and honoring the values that are truly important to them.

With more than 15 years experience as a public speaker, Maryellen identifies and illustrates how to bloom fully and acheive more during all phases of life. 

  • De-Stress Workshop: Finding a guiltless way to enjoy a free activity that reduces your stress. 
  • Blooms of Esteem Workshop: Identifying the nine characteristics that create awareness about yourself and how you "show up" each day in the best way possible. 
  • Your Corner Closet Workshop:  Identifying and eliminating the clutter getting in the way of organizing your life. 
  • Growing Your Retirement Garden: Identifying which of 12 areas you want to participant in as you begin another chapter in your life. 
  • Growing Your Leadership Garden:  Identifying the key factors that are critical to a leader's success as well as success of the team.

Previously, MAryellen was a public seminar speaker for Fred Pryor Seminars, Inc.  In over 40 cities, she gave 60 seminars to over 6,200 people in four months on topics such as Leadership Skills and Self-Esteem for Women.  She has recently completed a book proposal for second blooming book, with a working title of Growing Your Personal Garden.

Maryellen prefers to within the United States.  Contact her at for more information or to book her for your event.


  Robbie Motter, our  Connections & Government Contract Mentor, is a high energy speaker and seminar leader who has presented her series of networking workshops and seminars to corporations, associations, organizations, and Chambers of Commerce nationwide.

Let Robbie motivate or inspire your audience on any of these:

  • How to turn your contacts into cash
  • How to sell your products/services to the government
  • "How to Create an Action Plan to Make Your Dreams Come True"
  • "How to Create your Rx For Success"
  • 9 Tips To Develop Your Own Style & Be Noticed
  • Steps To Help You Find Your Passion and Get Motivated
  • Giving Back To Your Community Is A Good Way To Build Business
  • Create A Marketing Roadmap To Success
  • It’s Always the Right Time To Get Connected
  • Unique Marketing Strategies That Work
  • Strategies You Can Use to Save Time And Achieve More Each Day
  • IS Your Net-Working?
  • Writing a Book – A Great Way to Get Your Name Out There
  • NETworkers Need Goals Too!
  • Marketing Your Company/Service Through Trade Magazines
  • Building Relationships Means Building Customers

To learn more about Robbie or to book her for your event, contact


  Lisa Marie Platske, our Upside Thinking Mentor, brings passion to her work as President and Chief Enthusiasm Officer of Upside Thinking, Inc. Her goal is to transform lives by helping others

  • Identify what they truly want in their personal and professional lives –
  • See the unlimited possibilities around them and
  • Use the three principles of Upside Thinking to create the life they’ve always wanted.  

Drawing on 15 years of experience in both public and private sectors, Lisa Marie helps professionals...

  • Develop a clear leadership vision,
  • Increase their sphere of influence and
  • Achieve long-term growth and steady profits for themselves and their employees.

The National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) presented Lisa Marie with a 2007 Woman of Excellence award for her vision, creativity, and service to others .

An energetic and inspirational speaker, leadership coach, and certified True Colors facilitator, Lisa Marie influences the lives of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporate executives with her “call to commitment”. 

Making Authentic Connections

  • Learn how to:
    • Do the W-O-R-K in networking, yielding results.
    • Cultivate relationships and generate sales.
    • Net-WORK through practical application.

 Developing Your Leadership Potential

  • Learn how to:
    • Develop the four leadership characteristics researchers have linked to great leaders
    • Improve organizational performance
    • Determine your current leadership proficiency level and create a plan for future success

Seeking First to Understand: Developing Your Ability to Dialogue

  • Learn how to:
    • Implement the key elements that are critical in delivering an effective message.
    • Engage in crucial conversations.
    • Use dialogue to build productive teams.

To tap into into Lisa Marie's inspiring leadership presentations, contact Lisa Marie at


   Anne Newell, our Life Changing Mentor, is a recognized authority in performance maximization, guiding individuals and organizations to effectively navigate change and achieve their highest potential.  She is founder and president of Performax and Chicks with Checks and the creator of LIFE – Leadership Immersions Forums for Everywoman and LifeChanges.

As an organizational development consultant, educator, and success coach, Anne has assisted Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and individuals for over 25 years, earning a reputation for bringing a unique approach to achieving peak performance that goes straight to the heart of the matter. 

An inspiring speaker and teacher, Anne will spark enthusiasm of audiences and encourage them to join her in creating the life and career they want regardless of circumstances ~ with topics like these and more:


  • The Myth of Time Management – Do you get to the end of the day and wonder why you didn’t get more done?  Would you like more time and more freedom and less stress?  Forget Time management!  Learn the simple formula to manage yourself instead of managing your time to create more space in your calendar for what really matters.
  • Setting SMART Goals Can Set You Free - Entrepreneurs and managers are notorious for wanting to reinvent every wheel they encounter, yet some tried and true systems are well worth using – especially of they have been updated for today’s issues. The SMART system is a simple method of transforming that big picture into a step-by-step progression from Point A to Point B by breaking the vision into clear goals with defined, sequential, supporting actions. Takie a fresh look at being "SMART."
  • The Performance Paradox – Have you hired competent people whose abilities match... provided them with training, procedures and a great plan? But performance is so uneven from one person to the next. Hint:  The answer is not skill, intelligence, or capability.  Learn what is holding them back and what can be done to help them break free so they can move ahead.
  • Conquering Cancer - From the moment a diagnosis of cancer is mentioned, life becomes very intense.  Your schedule is dictated by doctors’ appointments, surgery, chemo, radiation, you name it.  Your time is no longer your own.   You are riding a wave dictated and powered by others.  Thank goodness your doctors know what to do.  Then suddenly, it all ends.  The momentum that has carried you evaporates.  Everything has changed.  In a very real sense, you are left hanging.  And you can never go back to how things were before.   Let Anne, founder of Conquering Cancer, share her experience and that of thousands of other cancer patients with you.  Reserve a front-row seat for the roller coaster that is cancer told with humor and candor

Contact Anne for your event to enhance performance or to tap into her life changing experience at

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  Paula Constantino, WS TEAM Founder & Harness the Internet Mentor, is a passionate speaker - helping women achieve more success with less stress and motivating them to be all that they can be.  NAFE (National Association of Female Executives has nominated Paula for Office Depot's Business Woman of the Year.

One of her primary topics is inspiring women to Harness the Power of the Internet to increase their credibility, marketing reach, income and much more… 

  • How to Create Attention Grabbing Online Articles – how writing articles for an online audience differs from print articles
  • How to Use Audio to Deliver Your Unique “Message” – how to use computer recordings to personalize and deliver one’s unique message –spreading it worldwide
  • How to Create & Market Informational ProductsFor Your Success –how to create and market one’s own downloadable information products so that anyone can “package” his/her knowledge, passion and wisdom
  • How to Have Your Website Work for You how to create, maintain and enhance your website so that it really works for you to build your success.

To learn more about Paula or to book her for your event, contact


   Nicole T. Smith, L.Ac., our Optimum Wellness Mentor and founder of The Pampered Porcupine, is a dedicated alternative health professional whose purpose and mission is to help people achieve the health and wellness they deserve by providing them with the options of choice and education to make the necessary changes to ensure lifelong health.


As a member of the Foundation of Wellness Professionals (formerly known as the Doctor’s Speakers Bureau), a not-for-profit organization that promotes wellness and disease prevention programs, Nicole is a part of a nationwide campaign to educate the public on the timely health topics of today. As an expert in alternative health, she is in the process of completing four books aimed to help as many people as possible learn the secrets of total health and wellness. 


Nicole's presentations and workshops focus on alternative health and wellness, as well as wellness in the workplace, and include: 

  • Toxic America ~ Addresses the presence everyday items - personal care products, cleansers, baby items, detergents, air fresheners…just to name a few – that abound in our homes, endangering our well-being. Explains what diseases and symptoms are related to toxicity, simple ways to limit exposing yourself to the toxins and chemicals in our environment, and how to cleanse yourself and your body of these harmful substances.
  • New Solutions to Eliminate Pain ~ Illuminates the prevalence of pain with as many as 89% of adult Americans had some sort of pain on a monthly or more basis and whether medications or surgery result in more pain or less. Explains what pain really is and ways to relieve or completely eliminate pain naturally and safely, once and for all.
  • Simple Secrets to Wellness ~ Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal us, but  why are so many of us sick, tired, overweight, or suffering from a disease? In this eye-opening presentation, presents a view on the true causes of illness in the body and the simple ways to not only heal current conditions experienced in the body right now, but also how to prevent future ones from ever occurring.
  • Safe And Permanent Weight Loss through Cleansing and Detoxification ~ Debunks many diet “myths.”  Reveals ways how to safely and effectively release pounds and inches without having to resort to starvation or over exercising. This program is endorsed by both John Gray, Ph.D., famed author of the book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, and by Jack Canfield, co-author of the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul series.
  • Reduce Healthcare Costs Through a Corporate Wellness Program ~ Is of importance to business owners struggling with the continuous increasing costs of healthcare, including ever increasing employer health insurance premiums. How profits are being lost due to employee illness and injury – this is affecting their bottom line!  Action is required to improve their employees’ health as well as their profits. Explains how this wellness program, when implemented into your company, could result in increased employee productivity, less absenteeism, fewer workers comp claims, and reduced medical costs.


Nicole prefers speaking engagement in southern California.  Contact her for your business or event at

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   Dr. Mary Heidkamp, founder of Dynamic Insights International, has twenty-five years of experience in leading organizations and inspiring individual leaders, bringing a cross-cultural and international perspective to the work of organizational problem solving and leadership

With her Doctorate degree in organizational change and executive leadership, Mary teaches college courses, inspiring her students to build on their innate gifts and potential as they apply the course theory to their current contexts.


For 35 years, Mary has been inspiring her audiences to create their vision and live their dream, while tapping into their interior core that inspires true greatness, time and time again.


Mary can inspire your audience to tap into their own core potential and ability to soar by helping people see the possibility of the NOW of each and every minute.  She draws the innate potential out of everyone, so that they can start living their own dreams in this very moment NOW and… then the rest is easy! 

After listening to Mary, audiences often remark, "I don't want to wake up 5 years from now saying, "I wish I had..." Mary gets audiences to crack the door open, just a speck and begin the dream NOW!


Contact Mary at to tailor this topic to meet the needs of your specific audience and inspire them to reach their potential NOW!


  Debora McLaughlin, our Audacious Marketing Mentor, is an expert Marketing Mastery Coach, CEO and Co-Founder of Audacious Enterprises, Open Door Coaching and the International Institute of Marketing Mastery.  She draws on 25 years experience in sales, marketing and business consulting.  


Debora has served as President and Speaker for Business and Professional Women's organization and Speaker for E-Women's Network and New Girls Network, plus TV’s  Spot light on Business interview and radio interviews with Mark Horn Liquid Lifestyles Success Show as his featured guest.


Debora stimulates audiences to embrace her results-oriented Marketing strategies and is dynamite with women audiences. 

  • How to create a Marketing Funnel that Makes you Money!
  • Be an Audacious Marketer and Get Results!
  • Marketing to Women!
  • From PTO to CEO and Everything in Between: A Women's Guide to Career Navigation


Debora prefers speaking engagement in the New Hampshire and Massachusetts region. Contact her at

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   Georgia Donovan, our Clothes Doctor Mentor, made her first fashion statement at age six, when she refused to wear a dress with ruffles. Since then, she has been a fashion czarina, whose innate sense of style and fashion has enabled her to step out with style wherever she goes. 

A dynamic presenter, Georgia entertains and inspires audiences with her passion about her work, her in-depth knowledge of her stylish material and her unique sense of humor that comes from being an Italian, raised in Brooklyn, NY. 

As an author, speaker and style consultant, Georgia is passionate about helping women achieve their own unique, stylish look and develop their own visual empowerment as a result of this unique look with the realization that beauty has no boundaries. 

Georgia’s Survival Guide for the Over 40 Woman ~ 4-Part Workshop ~ includes: 

  • About Face
  • What Lies Beneath
  • If the Shoe Fits
  • Final Touches 

And helps women replace their fleeting youth with mystery and allure, showing them look and feel better while adding more glamour to their lives. 

Georgia prefers to appear in PA, NJ, NY, DE, MD & CT.Contact her at


  Yarrow – Yarrow, our Energize Your Space & Self Mentor and CEO of Feng Shui At The Bay, is a contributing author to the 2006 women’s anthology:  The Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs – Real-life Stories of Determination, Growth & Prosperity; she is also a Co-Author of The American Bed & Breakfast Cookbook.  She is a freelance writer for Taste of the Bay Magazine, LILIPOH magazine (global distribution) & other periodicals.

Yarrow has over six years experience in teaching at Community Colleges and on major cruise lines, presenting private workshops, seminars, lectures and panels.  She customizes lectures, retreats, and break-out sessions to meet the goals for each event or appearance.

Yarrow has a broad knowledge of spirituality and can speak to many specific topics, has a background in media relations & is skilled at national and international media interviews.

Yarrow inspires audiences to look within spiritually to take action ~ with topics such as:


  • Challenges pertinent to Entrepreneurs: Your World View-Packing for the Entrepreneurial Journey ~ Challenge your thinking & review it to learn if it is serving you in your life goals.
  • Baby Boomers: Three Feminine Trump Cards ~ You've Got Them, Now Use Them to Get Ahead in Life & Business
  • Shifting Paradigms, Motivation, Inspiration, Spirituality: Feng Shui Yourself & Manage Your Personal Energy ~ Be the best sentry of your energy.  Use it to benefit you!

Yarrow was recruited as a member of the 2007 Class of Leadership and is a 2006 graduate of the Women Entrepreneur’s of Baltimore(WEB) and has also been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year by her local Chamber of Commerce.  She is a graduate of a three-year PsychoSynthesis course, Berkeley, California.

Yarrow prefers to speak in the Washington DC Metro Area, MD, PA, NJ DE or NM, but may also be agreeable to travel within the USA. Contact her at


  Debra Gilbert Rosenberg, our Guilt-Free Parenting Mentor, the author the of The New Mom’s Companion: Care for Yourself While You Care for Your Newborn, a guide for first time mothers to help them adjust to the many emotional, relationship, identity, and physical changes that accompany motherhood, and Motherhood Without Guilt: Being the Best Mother You Can Be and Feeling Great About It, a book helping mothers become more self-accepting and confident about their motherhood, both published by Sourcebooks, Inc.


Debra, the mother of three, a licensed clinical social worker and an adjunct faculty member in the Sociology Department of of Dominican University, is also a psychotherapist at a community mental health center and run discussion/support groups for first time mothers.  She has spoken at numerous mothers' groups.


Debra combines being a Mom and a psychotherapy professional when to addresses parents on these topics: 

  • Motherhood without Guilt: How to be a great mom while still maintaining your own identity, marriage, friendships and everything else that's important to you.  
  • From Briefcase to Baby and Back Again?  Making the choice to work outside the home or not, coming to terms with the decision and making it work for you and your family
  • Maintaining Your Marriage:  Keeping your love relationship vibrant when you are raising kids, including tips for working through parenting-style differences and rekindling romance
  • Time Management: How to use and spend your time effectively and efficiently and to set priorities appropriately as a mom
  • Power Outage: How to avoid power struggles between you and your kids, you and your mate; and learning the differences between discipline and punishment
  • Listen up! How to listen to the people in your life… and get them to listen to you


Debra can also tailor a parenting or motherhood workshop to fit the needs of the group, working groups of all sizes.  Her focus is on helping parents feel good about themselves, their relationships, their families, and their children and to achieve balance in their lives,  becoming more supportive of themselves and each other.


Although Debra prefers speaking venues in California, Illinois or Iowa, she will travel anywhere!  Contact her at

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   Marcia Hall, our Reputation Mentor, award winning author and The Reputation Pro, offers entertaining and engaging presentations to business associations, governmental agencies, educational institutions, nonprofit and corporate audiences.  She has earned the CTM qualification in Toastmasters and is a member of the National Speakers Association. 


Marcia’s book, Navigating Newbie-ism:12 Simple Ways to Thrive in Your First Job and Career identifies personal attributes that employers value, and why it is important to have an outstanding reputation.  It was the Award-Winner in the Education/Academic Category of the National Indie Excellence 2007 Book Awards.  


As a Certified Contacts Count Presenter, Marcia offers strategies and tools to make networking more effective and comfortable:


•     Beyond the Business Card:  How to Follow Through

•     3 Key Moments in a Conversation

•     Demonstrating Your Character and Competence

•     Networking for Introverts

•     How to Network with Confidence: 4 Secrets to Making Successful        Connections


Seminar topics that can be adapted to all audiences include:


•     What does Your Employer Really Care About?

•     Reputation Ruiners - Deadly Mistakes and Myths to Avoid

•     Mastering the Mundane - 7 Little Things You can Do to Make a Good Impression


Marcia can helps your audience develop their most powerful asset ~ their personal reputation.  Marcia, the founder of Reputation COUNTS, has more than 25 years of experience working with the business community and is listed in Who’sWho in America, Who’sWho in the World, Who’sWho in Finance and Industry, and Who’sWho in American Women.


To learn more about Marcia or to book her for your event, her at


   Pamela Harper, RN, CCH, CAC, our University of Masters Mentor, focuses on Permanent Changes with a holistic vision for health, wealth and life purpose.


Pamela is brilliant, experienced and charismatic speaker, entertaining audiences around the world for 25 years with her positive, enlightened and dynamic style.


Audiences soon understand why she is described as a "little dynamo" as she speaks passionately on: 

  • Health: Holistic Mind, Body and Soul approach to Wellness. Pamela. authored state of the art Wellness Centers
  • Wealth: Pamela has a guaranteed approach to creating prosperity and financial security with single minded approach to Wealth
  • Life Purpose: Pamela has an intuitive and enlightened approach and technique for the discovery one’s own life purpose.


As a Registered Nurse, Pamela is often retained to address medical conventions and to educate fellow nurses on "Caring for the Caregiver,” as well as speaking such acclaimed hospitals as The City of Hope and National Nursing Associations.   


In addition to appearing as an expert on addictions and relationships on radio in LA, Pamela hosts her own cable TV show on Success Coaching and Positive Mindset.  She has appeared with great motivational and has created life-changing audio programs and books.


Pamela prefers to speak on the West Coast, but has on occasion appeared in other venues.  For more information email


Dr. Maria Hester, Health-by-Design Mentor, a board-certified internist and author of Your Family Medical Record:  An Interactive Guide to Getting the Best Care.

Her passion is empowering people to live healthier, longer lives by teaching them easy-to-understand facts and techniques once only known to the medical field

Dr. Maria’s health and wellness presentations include… 

  • Unleashing Your Power as a Patient - Tips on how to partner in your health care and lower your costs
  • Our Toxic Earth - How environmental toxins may be destroying your health and what to do about it
  • An Ounce of Prevention - Tips on preventing common diseases

At this time, Dr. Maria prefers to speak in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. To learn more about Dr. Maria or to book her for your event, contact


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