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       The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their

dreams.                                                                 Eleanor Roosevelt


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WS TEAM offers you the one-stop resource to you deserve, including:

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  • Links to solutions for all areas of your life, personal and business - addtional resource links
  • Special tools to package yourself for success by Harnessing the Power of the Internet

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What is a Mentor?


Traditionally, a mentor is someone who believes in you and helps you to attain your goals and dreams; a caring and trusting friend or someone who listens to you and your concerns.


A mentor can be anyone from a business associate to a parent, neighbor, classmate or friend… anyone willing to share her knowledge to help you with some aspect of your life or business.  


A mentor can be someone you respect or someone you look at and think, “Gee, I’d like to be more like her”…. or anyone who has experience and is successful in a field you are interested in learning more about.

Mentors can help you achieve your dreams...


In what ways can mentors help and support you?

They can help you:


  • Increase your bottom line

  • Solve specific problems that you may have

  • Identify and tap into your passion
  • Niche your target market
  • Use technology more effectively
  • Meet successful and interesting people
  • Learn how to handle money and a budget
  • See the world in new and exciting ways
  • Get positive reinforcement for your dreams
  • Get support and get involved
  • Generally, achieve more success with less stress

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What should you look for in a mentor?    

No matter what your age or expertise, a mentor can be just what you need to help you identify and attain your goals. Look for women who have strengths in areas that you would like to build.


Being exposed to positive, successful women is a great way for you to learn how to become one.


Mentors are experienced in identifying and achieving their goals and are willing to share their successes (and failures) with you so that you can achieve your own goals.   They have been "there" and done "that,"  sharing their own life and business experiences with you for your success.

Why should we all have mentors?


We are all works in progress – no matter what our age or expertise is.   We are continuously learning and evolving.  We are often looking for faster, more efficient way of doing things – like keeping up with our contacts, balancing our books, etc. 

Experiential learning from successful women mentors is your key to achieving more success with less stress.


What do WS TEAM Mentors offer you?


Our TEAM of Mentors offers you the knowledge of women who have learned what they are sharing with you from their own life experiences – these women know what has worked, what hasn’t worked, how best to achieve a particular goal, and oh, so much more from their own experiences.



Check out our TEAM of Mentors in our Directory **

** To Find a Mentor in a particular field in the Directory simply follow the steps below to use our WS TEAM online Directory : 

  • Click on "TEAM Directory" on the side menu and then on "Simple Search" in the drop-down menu , you can find specific fields in the Directory.  
  • Enter your search criteria in the Search Box – for example, Mentor, sales, Mom, juggling, spa, finance, etc.
  • If your Search terms include more than one word, you can search all the terms or any single term – for example, with a search for the terms "Mom entrepreneurs" – you can
    • limit your search by checking off “ALL of the Words” or
    • broaden your search by checking off “ANY of the words.”
  • For more details - When your search results come up, you can click on the little icon (head and shoulders) and “View Entire Profile - located at the upper left of the results box.
  • If you have any questions about using our directory, email .


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