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101 Success Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

Let our WS TEAM help you in all areas of your life ~


  • Increase your confidence and self esteem
  • Become more proactive
  • Streamline your life, personal and business
  • Find balance in home, family and work
  • Increase your bottom line 
  • Package yourself for success online
  • Achieve much more success with less stress

We have a TEAM of more than 100 Mentors. These are women who know what works and how to succeed in all aspects of life and business.

Whether you are a woman who

  • Has bee in business for years
  • Just starting out
  • Making a career move
  • Rejoining the work force
  • Managing your home and family or
  • Embarking on a new entrepreneurial adventure.

WS TEAM offers you the one-stop resource to you deserve, including

  • Access to our TEAM of Mentors ~ all together in one searchable directory
  • Special offers from these Mentors ~ not available to nonmembers (Preview Here)
  • Mentor Events - virtual and live (all over the country) – often free or discounted for Participant members
  • Timely Articles by our Mentors – Mostly Tips & “How To” articles
  • Links to solutions for all areas of your life, personal and business - addtional resource links
  • Special tools to package yourself for success by Harnessing the Power of the Internet

Join Now as a Participant  & reap the benefit of having ~

  • Paula help you Harness the Power of the Internet
  • Robbie show how to Turn Your Contacts into Cash
  • June motivate you with her 101 Success Tips
  • Colette spark your communication  - “Yes, I Can Say ‘No’”
  • Elinor give you 5 Keys to Relationship Selling
  • And all the other Mentors who can help you meet your specific needs…
  • Preview other Special Offers here)

View our TEAM Directory Here & Event Calendar Here

WS TEAM lets Participants know where and when you they hear our Mentors speak. Members can also participate in Mentor teleclasses and live events (all parts of the US), often at a discount.  Check out our Event List.

As a Participant member, you are entitled to enjoy all the special offers – discounted or free products, services and events offered by our TEAM of Mentors…. Plus other specials available for Participants only. 

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What are Your Benefits as a Participant? You get…

  • Access to our TEAM of more than 100 Mentors - women with expertise to help you in all areas of your life or business – Calendar with live events, teleclasses, etc.
  • Special Participant Discounts on some Mentor products/services – including free coaching session or consultations for some of our Mentors
  • Learn how to "package" your knowledge so that, you, too, can increase your income
  • Expand your horizons - invest in your own greatest asset - Yourself!


Should you be a Participant?


Definitely Yes, we can all also use some help with some aspect of our lives – personally, professionally, spiritually, socially… 

We can then, as Participants, tap into to all the expertise offered by this TEAM of more than 90 Mentors, often at discount or other special offers available to Participants only.    


Can you be both a Mentor and a Participant?



  • as a Mentor you get to share your knowledge to help other women excel and
  • as a Participant, you get to access the knowledge of all these other women to help you in other areas where you want to excel.

Why should you be part of WS TEAM when you’re already so busy?

Because as women constantly on the move , we can appreciate having a TEAM of Mentors available at our fingertips all on one website accessible to us any time day or night…   And the first part of true success is sharing what we know.


What else does WS TEAM offer?


As women who often have too much to do with too little time, we can also use an online resource with lots of readily accessible goodies and services that can add some spice to out lives, brighten our days, enable us to embrace more fun, and pamper our minds and bodies… as well as enlighten our minds. 

Women’s Support TEAM is your key to a less stressful – more successful life … so that
ogether Everyone Achieves More Success Globally .


Be a Participant…

We’re offering you a completely risk-free 90-day FREE Trial -

After that, Participants pay a monthly fee of only $14.95 a month (less than a $.50 a day) to have access to all of the Mentors and their offerings. 

Note: You can cancel your membership at anytime without any obligation.


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