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By posting the business links, Women's Support TEAM is endorsing and supporting the companies and solutions listed below - many are Mentors and part of TEAM (Click here for our searchable Directory).

One of our newest resources is Find A Coach - You can find the coach to match your needs with just a click of a mouse and a telephone.

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Life & Business Solutions for YOU

(Learn More by clicking on the link in each description.)

Search Amazon for books, CDs, DVDs and other products for your life or business.


Find the coach to match your needs with just a click of a mouse and a telephone at

Find A Coach Online, a Division of Women's Support TEAM. Find Life, Business, Financial, Relationship and many more Coaches and includes men as well as women coaches.


  Broadcast Your Message & the World Listens - Build your own audio - informational products - seminars, interviews, intros, bios, and on & on - It's so simple with AudioAcrobat.


Your ecommerce Solution
Set up and market your informational products with automatic emails, downloadable capability, automatic email /broadcast capability , custom forms, affiliate program so others promote your website, and more with 1Shopping


Connect with the future - emarketing. iConnect features what you need to step into the future with email, e-newletters, blogs, and much more for the success of your business.


   Create & Send out Your Online Newsletters with Ease - Create targeted newsletters using forms creatively to develop multiple lists with aweber.


Increase your website presenceby joining other Author/Mentors who have already submittted timely articles to Success Articles.


  Learn how to Succeed on eBay with best-selling author and educator ~ ~ eBay Success Tools for you to set your own eBay store, as well as auction.


  Do-it-yourself website system can have your new (or revised) Internet presence up in a matter of hours without your knowing anything technical! WebPowerTools provides you with a "turnkey" website solution. Contact Mentor Deborah Gallant and mention WS TEAM to receive a special discount.


   Using the Internet Effectively to Make More Money – Access Proven Resources to Help You Get More Clients & Customers to Skyrocket Your Sales with The Ezine Queen – Alexandria Brown .


Sharpen Your Skills with ASLA
Become a Professional Seminar Leader or Certified Coach under the auspices of Mentor June Davidson, President of American Seminar Leaders Association.

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   CORE VALUES PROFILE ™: Experience the insights, impact & income potential of this valuable new tool. Boost your business, credibility & results with this powerful, effective addition to unlocking your clients' hidden potential. Take the Core Values Profile now and begin profiting immediately - offered by Mentor Dr. Rhoberta Shaler.

Get Tools for People Problems on Your Own with Optimize Institute.  Create the life you want! Optimize Your Day!
with  Mentor Dr. Rhoberta Shaler.

   Increase Your Sales Success with the variety of entertaining sales tools and products offered by Mentor Elinor Stutz through Smooth Sale (click on "PRODUCTS" in the top menu) .


Consciously Create the Life You Love with the Practical tools, products, and programs that help you get rid of the old stuff that's held you back in the past and then consciously create the life you love to live with Mentor Debbie Friedman.


"Outrageous" Success for Women - how to succeed in business and your life at higher levels than ever before with Mentor Dr. Beverly Tillman's LEAP of Faith Empowerment Institute.


Connect & Learn from the Best - Gain access to the "Masters" who can help you succeed -

 your source for new content-rich, quality information provided by Mentor Pamela Harper through her University of Masters.


Discover if life coaching is a match for you and how you can get started in what Money Magazine call’s “The Highest Paid Home Based Business" with Terri Levine of The Coaching Institute.

Learn to Live Your Dream Let Mentor Maureen O'Cean , Harvard MBA, create "WoW" results with You - Turn on your Media pipeline.

  Unlock Your Marketing Potential with - Transform your vision and business plan into substance with bold marketing techniqes with Mentors Debora McLaughlin and Juanita Bellavance.

  Use these Brainy Ideas for Better Results offered by Mentor Lois Carter Fay's Marketing Ideas Shop.  Check out her unique Success Secret Mentoring Program.

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  Make Prosperity Your Way of Life with The Prosperity Game, based on Abraham-Hicks Laws of Attraction with Mentors Jeanna Gabellini and Eva Gregory.

Bring Compassion, Love and Playfulness to Your Parenting. Your child will love it and so will you! Find out how with Dr. Beth - our Compassionate Parenting Mentor.

  Surround yourself with words and images that will bring harmony and joy to your environment with Awakened Art from Mentor Patricia Omoqui.  Sign up her Food For Thought, a free daily e-mail that provides you with enlightening, poetic meditations to start your day with hope.


Create Your Best Possible Life With Life Coaching for Singles with Mentor Amy Schoen. HeartMind Connections offers personal life coaching for more fulfilling relationships in your life.


  Enhance your personal and professional life by becoming a Registered Diva Mentor Robbie Motter - at "Divas do to like to Par-tay!" while they connect.

  Build your inner and yous outer game developing business skills and strategies with UpLevel Strategies - Think Big - Play Big with Mentor Lisa Marie Platske.


It's your world with this community of enterprising women to connect, inspire each other, and springboard your life and business to new levels of success - The Daring -with Mentor Francine Allaire.


The Future of Coaching is Now - Learn more than a dozen proven ways to package your coaching in addition to 1-on-1 sessions with Andrea J. Lee.

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Brand Power: What Every Savvy Business Gal Must Never Leave Home Without! Your Personal Brand is the #1 Most Valued Asset You Possess in Your Business - Make the most of your Brand with Liz Pabon - the Branding Maven.


Discover your personal path of least resistance... 8 ways to wealth ~ discover the one that is right for you through Wealth Dynamics.


Great Internet Marketing Training ~ Join Tom Antion on his exclisive internet marketing retreat and joint venture mentor program. 


   Achieve Powerful Results Daily with ThinkTQ, Inc, the world leader in on-demand assessment and virtual training products for personal, corporate, and professional excellence.


  Put These Online Marketing Strategies to Work for You - Michelle Price and Debbie Bermont offer their years of internet marketing expertise to help you market your business online through Sell More Books.


   Maximize Your Marketing as an Effective Speaker.  Marketing strategist, Vick i Sullivan, provides resources to make the most of your speaking opportunities through Sullivan Speaker Services.

  Align Your Business for Outrageous Growth - Use their time-tested formula to increase your sales and generate customer loyalty with Source Communications.


  You have the power within you to change your life... Let Jim Donovan (husband of Mentor Georgia Donovan) show you how.  


   Let Beth Davis, The Hand Analyst, show you how your hands hold the key to your success – no matter who you are or the challenges you may be facing in your life and discover YOUR life purpose and finally reap the harvest of your successful, profitable and soul-satisfying business.


  Step-by-step processes, systems, tools and techniques expressly for Entrepreneurs worldwide, including Brand-U for Power & Clarity, The Power Within and other wealth-building tools provided by the WholeWealth Institute.


Ignite Your Power to Dream with Marcia - America's Dream Coach with tools for instant inspiration for your success.

Your Wealth, Your Life, Your Legacy, WINK and Grow Rich... with e-books, CDs, DVDs, and more to bring wealth to you and yours from XL - the Wealth Results Foundation.


  Marketing Plans for Your Success - focuses on the principles and practices proven to work for independent

professional services.

  Motivational Products for Your Success, including Ellie Drake, Connie Podesta, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn & numerous others from YourSuccessStore.


Life Success Tools for You - Bob Proctor offers you tools to help you achieve your goals in life and business.

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  Tune into America's Business Philosopher - Jim Rohn presents you with life lessons to help you succeed in business.

  Open your mind to unlimited possiblities for entrepreneurship, spiritual selling and marketing and empowerment ~ removing mental barriers with Joe Nunziatia.


Plan for Your Success with Franklin Covey -
Providing you with the tools to identify and focus your priorities.


Creating the life of your dreams and attracting everything you desire doesn't require magic. It simply requires an understanding of The Science of Success.. the key to living The Secret - James Arthur Ray. 


Create Your Website at Lower Cost - U sing the website creation and business building services offered by GoDaddy.


  Do It Yourself Legal Information - With NOLO - your guide through the legal ins and outs of your life and your business.


    Incorporate or Form an LLC Online so that you can • Save Money on Taxes • Protect your Personal Assets • Pay hundreds less than other methods  • Form a corporation or LLC in as little as 48 hours with

   Network Marketing Tips for You - Expand your direct marketing team with business building tools from Nexera .


   Small Business Success for Women - Resources to support women in building their small businesses, including getting sponsorship funds. Wealthy Bag Lady

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   Elevate Your Business - Coach Maria helps you accelerate your profits and improve your productivity by Elevating Your Business.


  Find the Power of Our Way & Awakening to Purpose

Find your inner source, reveal your passions and purposes, heal your "empty spaces" and help pave the path to a higher collective consciousness with the Power of My Way.


You deserve Anti-aging Aloe Vera skin care infused with botanicals, anti-oxidants and technologically advanced patented ingredients to take your skin care to a new level. Contact us at to start looking more vital and youthful.


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While business and coaching affiliates are needed for success, we are also looking for Affiliates who offer fun, pampering, inspirational and artsy products and/or services to enhance us as whole women



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