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About Your Support TEAM

Your Support TEAM is all about your success….


Women's Support TEAM is for YOU because

         T ogether E veryone A chieves M ore Success Globally


We are a TEAM of Women Supporting Women for
                                               More Success with Less Stress


What is the key to Success?


Synergy – Your Key to Success – occurs when the whole is greater than the sum of all the individual parts When we all join together for the good of everyone - we create synergy - opening the possibilities for all that we truly want in life or business.


What does WS TEAM offer?    


Mentors who share their expertise with Participant members so that we all achieve so much more in our busy lives.

WS TEAM also offer resources with lots of readily accessible goodies and services for women who often have too much to do with too little time – all accessible at our fingertips all on one website accessible to us any time day or night


Why should you be a Mentor?

Because we all have at least one area that we really know something about – whether work related or not.  As women, we love to collaborate and exchange tips and information with other women - sharing what we do best or what we just love to do.        


Why should you be a Participant?

Because we can all also use some help with some aspect of our lives – personally, professionally, spiritually, socially…  We can then tap into to all the expertise offered by this TEAM of Mentors, often a discount or other special offers available to Participants only.   


Should you be both a Mentor and a Participant?

Absolutely, as a Mentor you get to share your knowledge to help other women excel and as a Participant, you get to access the knowledge of other women to help you in other areas where you want to excel.  We are all “works in progress.”


Women’s Support TEAM is your key to a less stressful – more successful life so that Together Everyone Achieves More Success
with Less Stress Globally.

Be a Mentor  As a Mentor, you offer one or more of your products and/or services to our Participant members at a discount.

Join NOW and Enjoy 6 months FREE as a Participant member…
then you can experience the benefits of being full integral part of our WS TEAM.


Become a Participant member NOW

For your 90-Day FREE Trial ~ Completely Risk Free ~

Plus - receive your
Free eBook - 101 Success Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

After that, Participants pay a monthly fee of only $14.95 a month (less than a $.50 a day) to have access to all of the Mentors and their offerings. 

Note: You can cancel your membership at anytime without any obligation.



For More Info: Contact Paula Constantino at paula@w-s-team or 410-707-7378



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