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Let’s Celebrate Being Visionaries                                                                                March 2008


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When at last I took the time to look into the heart of a flower, it opened up a whole new world… as if the window had been opened to let in the sun. ~ Princess Grace of Monaco ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Let’s Celebrate Being Visionaries

Now is the time to celebrate the originality, beauty, imagination, and multiple dimensions of women’s lives. 

Women are, by nature, creative visionaries who can envision the successful young man will emerge her squirming, race-faced baby boy; the glorious flowers that will grace the patch of newly seeded dirt; the life that she creates by sharing her wisdom with others.   

 March has been National Women's History Month with the theme celebrating visionary female artists - selected based on their impact in various media from pottery to sculpture to any type of modern art.

The history of women and art is quintessential women’s history. This year’s theme presents a unique opportunity to discover and celebrate women’s visual arts in a variety of ways that help expand our perceptions of ourselves and each other.

 To learn more about how the National Women's History Project is involved in many efforts to promote multicultural women's history, go to

In keeping with women being visionaries, Women’s Support TEAM is forming a not-for-profit organization 1,000 Women CAN Change the World.  Its mission is  to provide readily accessible, practical information to women throughout the world - creating a lasting legacy for their grandchildren and generations to come.  Stay tuned for updates on how you can be one our Visionaries. (Coming Soon)


TEAM  News ~

Journey to Self - Coaches Interviewed by Coach Tonya Ramsey

Self-Esteem Coach Tonya Ramsey, has interviewed several Women’s Support TEAM coaches, including its CEO, Paula Constantino, on her online radio show focusing on Women Helping Women.

Life Coach Margie Warrell discussed how true courage is moving forward despite fear.  According to Networking Coach Carol Deckert, effective networking is all about building relationships.  Sandra Tate, Whole Life Coach,  explained how to reclaim your life while building your business.  Paula re-enforced the theme of the radio show since women helping women is the foundation of Women’s Support TEAM.  As a business coach, Paula focused on how to package yourself for success online.  Listen to the Interview Here


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~ Mentor Ann B. Sloan Interviews Founder for The National Networker ~

As Women’s Networking Editor for The National Networker, Ann’s most comprehensive Interview, entitled “The Power of Women Mentoring Women,” relates how Paula Constantino started Women’s Support TEAM and is now building a nonprofit to mentor women worldwide.  Read the Article Here.


      Watch for news on our evolving not-for-profit ~
1,000 Women Can Change the World.
Plan to be part of this movement to provide readily accessible, practical information to women throughout the world. is currently under construction, but the website is expected to have some content by April 5. 

You can find general information here
(or copy and paste this link )

Help Wanted ~ Your services – if you can help us by providing any of these:

  • Information about international women’s issues?  What women in various developing countries really need to improve their daily lives?
  • Information about women’s health, domestic, family and community issues
  • Skills to help others build self-esteem, develop meaningful relationship or otherwise integrate mind, body and spirit?
  • Business or entrepreneurial skills to share -  Business plans- Leadership – Communication – Marketing – Manufacturing
  • Technology expertise as applied in business, communication or other applicable settings
  • Knowledge of linguistics or are multi-lingual
  • Skills in the creative arts and/or crafts

 To the extent that you would be paid for these services in the normal course of business, the value of your donated services may be tax deductible at fair market value.  Your services and/or your input are greatly appreciated.

 If you are interested in contributing your services, please email


Find A Coach Online ~ Our new Online/Telephone Coaching Service

Go to to find the right coach to improve your life and to help you achieve your goals.

We made it really easy for you to find the coach that’s right for you… you simply

  • Review the list of our life and business coaches
  • Listen and look at the individual listings
  • Select the coach that is the right fit for you
  • Pay online with a credit card (Absolutely secure website link – look for https://)
  • Select a mutually convenient time for you and your coach
  • Consult one-to-one with your coach
  • With email follow up
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

If you would like more information, contact us at


What are you looking for in a Coach – for your life… your business?

Let us known ~  Take our very brief survey Here
(only 5 questions)
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~ Become a WS TEAM Coach* NOW ~   Info to Sign up as A Coach Here
(Or copy & paste this link -

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Why? Because…

  • Your prospective client can find you and your information online AND
  • Can also "purchase" your coaching service online with a credit card!
  • You will have your own listing with your name, brief benefit statement and photo on the main Find a Coach > Coaches website page.
  • You will also have your own full web page with your individual coaching information
  • Your coaching transaction will be fully automated, including payment made to you.
  • Check out Coach listings here.
  • Find - Sign up information at  

Any questions… email for more information.

* Note:  You must be a WS TEAM Mentor to be one of our Coaches on the WS TEAM website. Not a mentor yet - Sign up here - Be a Mentor.  There is no cost of obligation to be a Mentor.


Events for Your Success ~

~ Learn to Create Audio Info Products to  

Supercharge your Business and your Bottom Line ~

Teleseminar - Wednesday April 2  ~ 6:00 - 7:00 pm (PST)

Mentor/Coach Libbe HaLevy presents this exciting new teleseminar introducing the simple, inexpensive tool that would work for you as a personalized sales force, 24/7/365, to attract clients, leverage your time, legitimize your expertise, and increase your bottom line. Send an email to to reserve your space.  (Be sure to Mention Women’s Support TEAM in your email.) More Info Here


~ Learn You Can Package Yourself for Success Online ~

Harness the Internet Teleclass – Wednesday April 2 at 7:30 pm (EDT)

Sign up even if you cannot participate that night – you will receive a recording of the teleclass plus a special offer.

  • How to Create Attention Grabbing Online Articles
  • How to Use Audio to Deliver Your Unique “Message”
  • How to Create & Market Informational Products For Your Success
  • How to Have Your Website REALLY Work for You

Any questions about this complementary Teleclass, email us at

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Books for Your Success

Find Books by Mentors and more Here!

Watch for our expanded upcoming e-book offerings.


WS TEAM is your one-stop resource, including

  • Access to our TEAM of Mentors ~ all together in one searchable directory… more than 130 Mentors
  • Find A Coach Onlinefind the right coach for you the easy way
  • Timely Articles by our Mentors – Mostly Tips & “How To” articles
  • Mentor Events - virtual and live (all over the country) – often free or discounted for Participant members
  • Links to Solutions for all areas of your life, personal and business - additional resource links

View our TEAM Directory Here & Event Calendar Here

Whether you are a woman who

  • Has been in business for years
  • Just starting out
  • Making a career move
  • Rejoining the work force
  • Managing your home and family or
  • Embarking on a new entrepreneurial adventure…


Let our WS TEAM – especially our Coaches - help you in all areas of your life ~ 

  • Increase your confidence and self esteem
  • Become more proactive
  • Streamline your life, personal and business
  • Find balance in home, family and work
  • Increase your bottom line
  • Achieve more success with less stress

We have a TEAM of more than 160 Mentors ~ women who know what works and how to succeed in all aspects of life.

If you are a woman who is passionate about some aspect of your life or business and would like to share your knowledge with other women, join as a Mentor...

Create and market your own informational products for additional revenue –
Join Here (copy & paste this link or Learn More Here

If you are a Coach, sign up NOW to be part of our New Find A Coach Online service. Be A Coach.

If you are already a Mentor and enjoy being a speaker, sign up for our Speakers’ PanelSign up Here or View our Speakers Here

If you are woman who already has informational products or other products and services that you would like us to market or promote for you, either become a Mentor (above) or contact us about an affiliate arrangement at affiliates@w-s-team.comSee our Life & Business Solutions for current affiliate promotions.

Now is the time for you to spread your wings and soar into the realm of possibility

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~ We Value Your Input ~

Let us hear from you… so that we can continue to build this one-stop virtual resource to help You succeed with more fun and less stress.

Just send us an email at

 Women’s Support TEAM is your key to a less stressful – more successful life… so that Together Everyone Achieves More Success with Less Stress Globally.


With much success to all as open our hearts & minds to a new dawn… Paula 

Women's Support TEAM

Together Everyone Achieves More Success Globally

Paula Constantino, CEO & Founder

443-482-9046 (O)

443-482-9047 (F)



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REQUIRED" in the Subject Line.  Be sure to reply to that email
because it activated the application process.

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