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Susan Sheehan
~  Lifestyle, Health & Prosperity Coach - ~

             ~ Susan Sheehan ~


Healthy Hormones 40+


          ‘40+ is a time to Think about…                   what you are Thinking about’ 


Why Susan? She specializes in helping the 40+ woman.

Sue is passionate about coaching women 40+ on how to change the way they think about the onset of the bit ‘M’… 40+ is a time to change the ‘rules’.

We have 40+ years of wisdom and experience, however, if we want to live life full of passion, prosperity, great health and sporting the body we want… then there are ‘new rules’ to follow. 

What we did as younger woman in our 20’s and 30’s does not work in our 40’s and 50’s … every woman is unique…

Sue is delighted to offer a coaching program that individualizes each woman’s specific needs and challenges offering products and programs that will take their mind and body to a whole new level….

Life truly can begin at 40…

About Susan ~

Susan is a 49-year old qualified Personal Trainer, Pilates Coach and Trained Lifestyle Coach, presently studying Adv. Dip Nutrition.  Her life’s experiences have taught me… that courage, faith and the ‘power of thought’ is the winning formula to success. … We must never settle for anything in life that is not for the good of us.   

She shares her life lessons with you…. Lessons that she believes have given to her include the gifts of compassion, strength of character and sensitivity towards others… Her formal and personal studies have given her the knowledge she has needed to take herself to another level while understanding the wants and needs of her clients. 

The onset of Menopause was to her, yet,  another lesson, a learning curve… one which has bought her to this point in her career ~ Coaching the 40+ women. 

Sue view this as a wonderful opportunity to not only help each individual woman but to also help in the growth and prosperity of all who come in her path. 

You see… If you teach a woman you teach a family…. If you teach a man, you teach a person.

Words of Praise for Susan ~

“Sue credits her three children Jodi-Lea, Matthew and Kelsey-Maree, with providing her amazing levels of inspiration, motivation and education about the power of unconditional love and the truth behind the saying “we are what we think.”  Her story is a moving and powerful testimony of this statement….

Read Susan’s Story Here

I describe Susan as passionate.  She yearns to share her knowledge, experience and story.  I would say her purpose is to encourage and teach other women to feel beauty, balance and harmony.  She insists that it all starts with how you think and one of her mottos is to never accept anything unless it is for the good of you.  As she so eloquently points out “a hot flush is not good for you; going up 2 sizes in jeans is definitely not for the good of you!!” The Healthy Hormones 40+ Program is a unique concept.  Along with Lyn, she has developed this model for exceptional living into a practical plan to add value to the lives of other women affected by hormone factors – and all starts with ‘how you think.’” ~ Kaye Chipreo, Client who wrote about Susan’s Story

"I have known Susan Sheehan for some 10 years - through out that time she has been my life coach. Through her help and encouragement I am now running a very successful Interior fit-out business, I use the healthy hormones health supplement - I find that with the line of business I am in I need to stay focused at all times the health supplement allows me to do so, it also stopped the fluctuation of body weight, I encourage everyone to talk to Sue and see what the Healthy Hormones program can do for you. Thanks"  ~ Lisa Fink, Southport, Gold Coast, Australia

"During the past couple of years, I have been training under the guidance of Susan Sheehan - Healthy Hormones.  In that time, Healthy Hormones have transformed me from a run-down business person to a fighting fit 59 year old!! Healthy Hormones has achieved this through total professionalism and vast knowledge of how the human body works.

Susan Sheehan (Director of Healthy Hormones) has a knack of assessing one’s body and then adopting varied exercise routines, again that best suits your requirements. She is also an expert on certain nutrition and recommends certain health supplements, again to suit your needs.... It is a combination of all of the facets I have mentioned that makes Susan Sheehan - Healthy Hormones a cut above the rest in her profession!! Finally, she somehow makes it fun and I have her to thank for making me feel like a 40 year old!!

Personally, I can highly recommend Healthy Hormones and I have the results to prove it!!” ~ David Glasgow, Main Beach, Australia


Book your coaching with Susan Now…

Normally charging $220 for the Initial Consultation and $99.00 per month for maintenance program for a 3-month period …

~ Susan is Offering this Special
Lifestyle 3-Month Coaching Package ~


  • Initial Consultation – Extensive “Getting to Know” Session
  • Plus 3-Month progressive online Guidance and Maintenance Coaching Program, with daily emails
  • With 6 days a week email support and 5 days a week telephone support
  • Follow up so that you can form and reinforce new habits
  • Providing you with more information, guidance and support -including Tools, resources and ‘daily action plans’


All For Only $400

(Savings of more than $70)


Just click on the "Add to Cart" button above.

Your Coaching Sessions will be conducted over the telephone at a time convenient for you and your coach on the subject outlined above.

The coaching fee will be charged to your credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express).   

You will receive an email explaining the details with contact information.

Working with a coach is like participating in a sport with a coach, you do your part under the guidance of the coach.  Women’s Support TEAM stands behind its coaches, consultants and trainers.


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