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Appreciation express for June Davidson, Robbie Motter and Paula Constantino who presented The Essence of Story Selling at the International Limo Digest Show....

Both my sister, Mary, and I, would be remiss if we didn’t take the time as we begin a new year, filled with new hopes and adventures, to let you know how much we appreciated (and continue to appreciate) your very inspirational presentation at the Women’s Cocktail Networking Reception & Presentation at the Limo Digest Show in Atlantic City this past November.


The presentation was certainly the highlight of the convention. The atmosphere that you created, in which all participants were able to share practical and very important information, was wonderful. The charisma of Robbie, June, and yourself, was both intoxicating and inspiring. The wisdom and experience that you shared has been so empowering in itself, and we greatly appreciate the time and sincerity that each one of you have put into the presentation. It has had such a lasting effect in the work that the both of us continue to do. …


It is our sincere hope that your presentation will be included in future events of this kind. We wish you the very best in 2008, and thank you again for everything!   ~ Ann Marie O’Rourke

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