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Robin Hardy
Business & Life Action Coach ~ Getting to New Levels


~ Robin Hardy ~

The Moosey Group


Choose to work with “the Moose”

to make your life a success!




Why Robin? ~ Her coaching will…

  • Engage your mind and take you to new levels whether business or personal.
  • Identify your goals and passions, either in business or personal.
  • Be an interactive coaching process so that you are the decision maker.
  • Encourage innovative thinking… out of the box ideas for you to reach your goals.
  • Provide positive support and accountability systems for you.
  • Include having Robin as your personal cheer leader.

Why Choose to work with the Moose?

Characteristics of a Moose:

Powerful Shoulders...To hold the weight of the challenge
Front legs are longer than the rear legs... To clear the obstacles

Family oriented, protective of calves...

Moose are generally peaceful

Extremely strong swimmers... Endurance

These are also the characteristics of Robin of The Moosey Group

Here to make your Life a success!

Robin’s mission and goal is to empower you for a stronger and healthier future.  She has been blessed to be a visionary so that she can see the end product very clearly and she can help you learn to visualize your passions, goals and direction. 

About Robin ~

Robin Hardy is a Certified Seminar Leader, Certified Action Coach and Licensed in ATAP (Accessing your Truth to Accelerate your Process) a licensing process not many coaches have pursued.  She is a member of ASLA (American Seminar Leaders Association), ICF (International Coach Federation) and NAFE (National Associated of Female Executives).

Robin is also the Director of the Riverside For You Network, NAFE local affiliate, a network designed to empower and encourage women, the network with heart.

Robin is known for her motivating approach in teaching and coaching, and her passion is to empower people for a stronger and healthier future.

Praise for Robin ~  

"I feel that being coach by you has helped me enormously and you have affected my life in a very positive way. I believe it has opened my eyes to many opportunities that I never thought I was able to accomplish. I can see things that I never thought about or maybe never thought off me doing them. Sometimes when things do not go as smooth or according to plans and life happens as it has in the past four months. I feel okay because you are there for me. Robin, you have been a great listener and a great coach, I consider myself fortunate to have somebody like you. I am very private, I tend to keep things to myself however, I feel that I can talk to you that I can open up and you are not going to judge me. You have being my guardian angel my mentor and I hope I can learn from you and thank you for all you support.”   Maria C.    Rialto, CA

"Robin has been an incredible coach and mentor to our business. We recently opened a new restaurant in May of 2007 and we were nervous and not sure if we made the right choice. We met Robin and the coaching and training she gives really makes you take a step of faith and make it happen. What was really unique about her coaching style, she allowed us to make the decisions. Robin made suggestions or asked questions which made us feel like they were our ideas. We look forward to the future with Robin and being able to toast to our successes!” ~ Noelani F. Riverside, CA

Book your coaching with Robin Now…

Normally charging at least $100 an hour

~ Robin is offering you these special coaching packages ~

Special one-month package that includes...

  • Initial session to get to know you to plan for our coaching direction
  • 4  one-hour coaching sessions
  • 5  fifteen- minute emergency calls
  • Unlimited email... Plus
  • Your Possibilities to Realities Journal

Special One-Month Package for ONLY $500

(Savings of at least $100)

Robin guarantees to engage your mind and empower you to take that next step.  If you find that Robin is not the right coach for you, she will refer you to another coach that will empower you.  This is all about empowering you and our pledge is to do just that.

All Robin asks is that you come to her open and honest and ready to take action.  A favorite quote of mine is: “Sometimes our ship comes in, however we may have to put on flippers and swim to it.”  Author Unknown

The door called “opportunity” is a door that has “PUSH” on it, so let’s push your door open for success and empowerment!

Special Six-Month Package

If you book and commit to the "one-month package" for 6 months, you save $50.00 per month - only $450.00 per month.

(Total Commitment - $2700 - Saving $300 over 6 months)

Important Note: The first month is charged to your credit card now. Then $450 per month will be charged monthly for the next five months

If you decide not continue for the full six months, you must send an email to to stop the automatic charge to your account.  Your credit card will be then charged for the additional $50 per months for the number of months that you charged at the $450 rate for a total of $500 per month.

Just click on the link for the package you want.

Your Coaching Sessions will be conducted over the telephone at a time convenient for you seven days a week on the subject matter of your choice.

The coaching fee will be charged to your credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express).   

You will receive an email explaining the details with contact information.


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