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Robbie Motter
Personal & Business Coach ~ It's All About Showing Up!



~ Robbie Motter ~
Contacts Unlimited

   All of us need our own personal coach, even coaches, to keep us on target and accountable, Robbie’s mantra is It’s All About Showing Up!



Why Robbie?  Here are 10 ways that Robbie can help you…

  1. Identify your strengths and sift through your information listening beneath the words to position you for greatness.
  2. Set exciting goals in your personal and business life and help you reach them successfully.
  3. Serve as a silent partner, who cares about your life and your success.
  4. Coach you in turning your business around.
  5. Show you how to turn contacts into cash.
  6. Become your support system, board of directors and champion. You will be surprised in your quick turnaround.
  7. Brainstorm marketing your products and/or services, positioning you as #1 in your field.
  8. Get you on the fast track quickly, and push you on the uphill run-creating new business, selling more and becoming a world class business of providing your products and/or service.
  9. Inspire you to write articles, get free publicity and hold you accountable. Perhaps that book inside of you needs to be written?
  10. Make it exciting, fun with enthusiasm and cheer you to cross the finish line into first place… It’s All about Showing Up!

About Robbie: 

Robbie wears many hats -- life and business coach, marketing, public relations, radio, TV host, travel agent, motivational speaker, and more.

After 25 years experience in a variety of corporate positions in corporate, state and federal government areas across the country, Robbie left Corporate America and has become a…

  • Certified Business Coach
  • Queen of Global Connections – It’s all about showing up!
  • Marketing Consultant both in the Government and private arenas
  • PR Consultant
  • Certified National Motivational Speaker
  • Television Talk Show Co-Host and
  • Radio Show Co-Host
  • On-line-travel agent.

Robbie has and continues to…

  • Show women how to network more effectively ~ It’s All about Showing Up!
  • Work with her clients to help them excel and achieve greatness in their business and personal lives.
  • Help entrepreneurs and businesses expand their markets.
  • Encourage clients to think globally as well as locally.
  • Show clients how to create dynamic press campaigns that save them thousands of dollars.
  • Assist small business and nonprofit firms to help them gain publicity and learn strategies to boost their business and gain market share.
  • Provide the Rx to Success for the people and companies
  • Help companies:
    • Develop marketing strategies,
    • Create marketing materials and publicity campaigns, and
    • Navigate the government paperwork maze and
    • Sell their products and/or services in an array of markets.
  • Help non-profit organizations by providing unique strategies for:
    • recruiting volunteers,
    • Doing co-partner ventures with corporations to increase funding,
    • Getting the word out to the community about the non-profit organization, its goal and mission, plus
    • Conducting numerous Board trainings.
  • Give many hours to volunteer work helping women achieve their personal and professional goals.
  • Be a prolific writer with published articles, columns and business publications, including  "Recruiting New Members," "On the Mark," "Courageous Woman," currently working on a book The Millionaire Blueprint for Women.

Robbie is a Gold Founding sponsor for the new FOR YOU NETWORK™ the ultimate network for women with Heart and is also the founder of the Professional Women's Roundtable (PWR). FOR YOU NETWORK ™ is an affiliate network of the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) that helps women mentor each other for personal and professional success.

Robbie, Regional Director for NAFE, received the US Presidential Community Service Award for years of devoted service to others at the Executive Women Leading the Way/NAFE National Conference in January 2007.

One of Robbie's favorite quotes comes from Napoleon Hill, it says, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."

Praise for Robbie ~

Thank you so very much for being my coach…. You are a Fountainhead of information about people, networking events, media, clubs and organizations… that are wonderful and worthwhile. You are able to play your amazing number of connections like a musical instrument with great harmony and expertise…. most importantly - your favorite words: "Just show up!" Having you as a coach is like having Auntie Mame as your Great Aunt. You made me feel looked after, cared about, and important,. You are able to help people get back into their desired circuit of activity, and you help to accelerate their growth…. Everywhere I have gone - to whatever meeting - so many people know you, and they all say the same thing: "Isn't Robbie wonderful? I just love her!" Ditto for me. Thank you with all my heart! ~
Verlaine Crawford,  Author, Seminars, Personal & Business Consultant


I have to share with you how I met Robbie as it’s truly a testament to who she is! I met Robbie in 2006, I … handled Public Relations for Office Depot … for their Success Strategies for Businesswomen’s conference. Robbie was selected as Businesswoman of the Year and chosen by Office Depot and the women’s association who nominated her, the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE). I probably only chatted with Robbie for about 10 minutes or so…, but Robbie approached me and become a mentor to me an amazing mentor and has helped me beyond words. So in short, Robbie has helped me in ways I can’t even begin to measure. ~ Lauren E. Garvey, Public Relations


I couldn’t say it better myself, but thanks to Robbie I now have the words. I am being asked to stand in for myself and “show up”. It all started for me when I went through what I call a rite of passage at the January 2007 NAFE conference where I received the honor of being the 2007 Woman of Excellence in Entrepreneurship”. Throughout the conference I kept hearing the name Robbie Motter… there was Robbie. I “stepped to the plate”.... I pride myself on my ability to make connections of all kinds for people, so its easy to tell the givers from the takers. Robbie is a “giver-par excellence”, but more than that she called me to truth… moved me to “show up” for myself… find the courage within and with Grace, I anticipate that exhortation regarding asking will take me to a whole new level in my life! Thank you Robbie, for your influence in my life!  Cynthia Mitchell, M. Ed., NAFE 2007 Women of Excellence in Entrepreneurship


Book your coaching with Robbie Now…

Normally charging at least $125 an hour (worth a lot more)

~ Robbie is offering you these special coaching packages ~

Three (3) one-hour telephone coaching sessions for only $295
(less than $100 an hour- Save $80)

Five (5) one-hour telephone coaching sessions for only $375
(only $75 an hour - Save $125)

Just click on the link for the package you want.

Your Coaching Sessions will be conducted over the telephone at a time convenient for you seven days a week on the subject matter of your choice.

The coaching fee will be charged to your credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express).   

You will receive an email explaining the details with contact information.


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