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About Robbie Motter
~ It's All About Showing Up ~



     Our Contacts Unlimited Mentor, Robbie Motter,
     wears many hats ~

     Life and business coach


     Public relations

     Radio and TV host

     Travel agent

     Speaker, and


After spending 25 years in a variety of corporate positions in corporate, state and federal government areas across the country, she left Corporate America to become a Marketing Consultant both in the Government and private arena's. She is also a PR Consultant, Certified National Speaker, Certified Business Coach, Television Talk Show Co-Host and Radio Show Co-Host, and on line-travel agent.

In her work, she helps entrepreneurs and businesses expand their markets. She also assists small business and nonprofit firms to help them gain publicity and learn strategies to boost their business and gain market share. In her speaking and coaching work she provides the Rx to Success for the people and companies that she comes in contact with. Robbie also finds time to give many hours in Volunteer work helping women achieve their personal and professional goals.

Robbie has helped numerous companies expand their business into the government arena's starting with helping them to obtain Government contracts and then helping them market their business to this large marketplace. She also travels for clients to do both Government and Commercial trade shows to represent their products and services across the country.

Over the years Robbie has been interviewed on TV and Radio all over the U.S. and has been written up in numerous magazines and newspapers across America. She has published several articles and recently did a booklet on "Recruiting New Members" as the key to success for your organization. This was published The SourceBook and is still out as a service to all the clients they list in the San Diego, Orange County, Inland Empire and Los Angeles County areas sourcebooks.

Robbie for over four years was a columnist for the Riverside Business Journal in Riverside, CA, and wrote a monthly marketing column called "On the Mark." covering marketing topics. She also for over eight years wrote a column on "Courageous Woman" for FY Magazine, a California Women's Magazine, and also served as a Consultant to the Magazine's editor until her untimely death this year. She is also a contributing writer for other business publications across the US. She and June Davidson are currently working on a book "The Millionaire Blueprint for Women which will be published in June 2007.

Robbie for the last two years has served as a co-host of a Public Television Show called "Insight" which airs every Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. in Long Beach, CA. The host of the show is Ethel Lover and the show is over 14 years old.

Robbie was also selected in (2004) as one of California's first scholars in the Marian Bergeson Excellence in Public Service Series whose mission is to increase through training and education the number of Republican women in elected and appointed political and governmental positions at the local, state and federal levels. The women for the scholar program (25) each year are selected through a competitive selection process. Successful applicants will have demonstrated through an application and interview that they have proven leadership skills and a high level of achievement in their chosen fields of work.

Robbie served two years on the Riverside County Commission for Women Board, in Riverside, CA, having been appointed by her local county supervisor.

Robbie served on both the Reagan/ Bush Inaugurals, the first time working with organized labor and the last inaugural working on "Taste of America." She also worked on the first "White House Conference on Aging" under President Reagan.

Robbie in 2004 was appointed to the advisory board of the Inland Empire Women's Business Center that is part of the New Entrepreneurial Center at Cal State San Bernardino, CA. The purpose of this Center will be to serve Women in the Inland Empire and the advisory board is made up of top women whose involvement over the years has been in helping women achieve their business and professional goals.

For over 8 ½ years Robbie has served as the Western Regional Coordinator for NAFE and in 2005 added the Mid Atlantic Region as well. In this capacity she oversees 21 states for NAFE. NAFE is the largest Business Women's organization in the US and is headquartered in NY. She also assists Networks with planning and implementation of Regional Events and counsels NAFE members on starting new networks in her region. She responds to all NAFE inquiries on her region and represents NAFE at various women's business regional functions.

Even though her professional life keeps her very busy, she found time to help start a food grange, and also served as a consultant to the local hospice organization. In the 70's she was a key member in getting a battered wives shelter started in New Jersey called the "Greystone Manor."

Robbie also serves on the Board of Directors for the Omni Youth Music Awards in Los Angeles

She is a Gold Founding sponsor for the new FOR YOU NETWORK™ the ultimate network for women with Heart and is also the founder of the Professional Women's Roundtable (PWR). FOR YOU NETWORK ™ is an affiliate network of the National Association of Female Executives, (NAFE), which helps women mentor each other for personal and professional success.She founded PWR and served for over 6 years as the Executive Director, and stepped down as its Executive Director October 2001.

She currently serves as an advisor and a Director on the Executive Success Team Board for the FOR YOU NETWORK ™, which has almost 400 members, and 20 affiliate networks in the Southern California area and growing. The networks are located in Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Orange, LA and Ventura County areas and the locations can be see for these 20 locations by going to

Robbie believes that everyone should belong to a professional organization, these organizations help you meet mentors who can enhance your career, and share experiences, which help you, grow. She also feels you should join a service and/or civic organization and gives some of your time to help others. "Attending large Business Conferences are also wonderful to offer you great networking opportunities and visibility," Says Robbie.

Robbie in late 2006 along with June Davidson the President of American Seminar Leaders and Coaching Firm International became partners in an online travel business and their information on this can be found at

Robbie in 2005, along with Gisella Thomas and Fannie Green founded the Diva Registry and information on that new venture can be found by going to to date they have over 120 Diva's and growing.

During Robbie's career she was a single parent raising three children. Balancing home, work, children and her civic duties forced her to learn time management skills to balance the many obstacles she faced on a daily basis. During some of those years she worked two and three jobs to earn the income needed to support her children and put them through college.

"Those years were a great training ground in the little red schoolhouse," says Robbie. Her children are now all grown and balancing families and very successful professional careers of their own in different parts of the country.

Robbie's daughter, Lisa Gritzner, a former Chief Deputy for an LA City Council Woman, now serves as a Senior VP and owner for Cerrell and Associates a large marketing, public relations and lobbying firm in Los Angeles. Her son, Ed, resides in Vista with his wife Jeni, and new baby daughter Amber, and for over 25 years has been in the Insurance industry, he currently is a Senior VP for a San Diego Insurance Company, Her daughter, Lori, is a Vice President of a large mortgage company in Virginia and resides in Chantilly, VA with her husband and two children Joey and Jessica.  She is also a grandmother to Heather age 21, Joey age 14, Jessie age 11 and Amber age 3 months.

Robbie teaches her clients to not only think locally, but globally as well. She speaks for corporations, associations and organizations all across the country on an array of topics. She also taught for over eight years a nonprofit marketing class at University of California Riverside Extension Certificate Program. For several years she has also been a consultant for the Resource Center for Nonprofit Management in Riverside, CA where she has served as a consultant to the Center and their clients and a presenter on numerous topics.

During her five-year term with the General Services Administration (GSA) in Washington, DC, Robbie received awards for "Outstanding Performance" in 1982 - 1984, as well as the Federal Government Commendable Service Award in 1984. In 1985 a women's magazine nominated her one of the "Top 100 Women in Washington, DC." In 1988 and 1989 she was a nominee for the Sacramento, California YWCA "Women of the Year" award in the Business/Labor category. Also in 1988 she was nominated for the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce "Distinguished Sacramentan Award."

She was featured in Sacramento California's bestseller Success Secrets of Sacramento Entrepreneurs published in 1990. She was also a finalist for the 1995 San Diego Business Journal's "San Diego Women Who Mean Business" awards.

Having worked in top state (New York) as well as federal government administration positions, Robbie knows the ropes for moving around the government arenas.

She also shows clients how to create dynamic press campaigns that save them thousands of dollars. Her many years in the corporate world in top positions gave her expertise in a variety of areas to help her clients learn how to run a successful business.

Robbie helps non-profit organizations too, providing unique strategies for recruiting volunteers, doing co-partner ventures with corporations to increase funding, and getting the word out to the community about the non-profit organization, its goal and mission, she also has conducted numerous Board trainings.

In her consulting work, Robbie has helped many companies develop marketing strategies, create marketing materials and publicity campaigns, and see how easy it is to get through the government paperwork maze and sell their products and/or services into an array of markets.

In her work as a Certified National Speaker she has spoken all over the country covering a variety of Business and nonprofit topics. In her work as a certified Life and Business Coach she works with her clients to help them excel and achieve greatness in their business and personal lives.

Robbie also deals daily with media, radio, print and television all over the country in booking her clients on radio/television talk shows, because of her work for years with the media Robbie has built strong relationship with media outlets in the Inland Empire, Orange County and San Diego areas in addition to the nationwide contacts that she daily deals with.

She also manages a weekly syndicated Southern California Health talk show called "Health Talk A Second Opinion" which airs every Saturday morning at 8 am to 8:30 am which is hosted by one of her clients, Dr. William R. Kellas the founder of the Center for Advanced Medicine in Encinitas CA. The show also allows individuals to call in and ask their health questions. Over the years she has also co-hosted on occasion on this show.

This show is syndicated all over Southern California each Saturday and has been on the air for 14 years. Show can be heard on KPRZ in the San Diego County area and can be listened to on line anywhere in the country by going to and click on listed between the hours of 8 am -8:30 PST on Saturday mornings. For more info on the radio show visit and click on radio.

She also for over four years did the monthly publicity releases and also conducted work shops as well as was as presenter at the Nonprofit Annual Conference for the Resource Center for Nonprofit Management in Riverside. In addition, she teaches Marketing, Public Relations and Communication workshops for the Nonprofit Management Solutions Center in San Diego.

One of Robbie's favorite quotes comes from Napoleon Hill, it says, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."

She believes everyone should go for his or her dreams. They are there for all to achieve. "Each day is a new day filled with excitement, challenges and accomplishments which make life so wonderful," says Robbie.

Robbie can be reached at 1-951-679-8048 or 1-888-244-4420. Her fax number is 951-679-8148 and address is 27701 Murrieta Road # 30, Sun City, CA 92586. E-mail address: and her web site:,


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