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Rachel Schindler
Pinnacle Success Business Coach - ~


~ Rachel Schindler ~


Pinnacle Success Coaching



Providing a Road Map
for Your Success



Why Rachel?  Her program is comprised of 5 steps designed for individual success…


  • Describe what you want
  • Explore the available options and feasibility
  • Create a game plan
  • Implement a strategy
  • Achieve your goals and celebrate


This five step program is designed to provide a road map for your success, while providing a solid foundation for personal/professional fulfillment and a work/life balance. 


Rachel Schindler is a coach with Pinnacle Success Coaching Inc., a premier coaching company whose sole purpose is to assist professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses in significantly increasing performance, productivity and profitability.


To reach the Pinnacle of Success, get coached by Rachel Schindler, with Pinnacle Success Coaching.


About Rachel ~


Having a corporate background and establishing her own business, Rachel provides clients with extensive experience that differentiates Pinnacle Success Coaching from other coaches. 


Each coaching relationship has provided personal growth, and more importantly made significant changes for the client. Rachel says "To reach the Pinnacle of Success, get coached by Pinnacle Success Coaching with me."


Words of Praise for Rachel ~


“As a mother of a 6 year old and a 1 year old, Rachel has really helped me to achieve a work/life balance.  It was Rachel’s idea for me to write down everything I did for one single week.  Boy was I amazed!!! I realized where my time was going.  My eyes were opened as I realized that some things that I thought took a little time were taking much longer.  By analyzing my schedule I was able to make better use of my time.  Rachel actually pointed out that I did laundry 17 times in one week.  Yikes!! Needless to say my husband is now helping with the laundry and other household chores.  Before this assignment, I felt so frustrated as I couldn’t understand why I never seemed to be able to get things done.  Together, Rachel and I created a schedule that works.  I have a healthy balance of family, husband time, work and time for myself.  Thank you Rachel for helping me to make a difference in my life.”  ~ Sara P.


“With Rachel’s thought provoking questions, I was able to identify issues that were keeping me from accomplishing my goals of becoming financially independent and having a work/life balance.  With her motivation, I redirected my strategies and realized that I needed to look elsewhere to obtain my goals.  I revised my resume and I am now in a business that provides a balanced lifestyle and is financially rewarding.  Thank you so much Pinnacle Success Coaching with helping me when I really needed it.”  ~ William S.


Book your coaching with Rachel Now…


Rachel's Customary Coaching Rate is $400 for three 45-minute sessions with an initial three month commitment. 


~ Rachel is offering you these special coaching packages ~


Pinnacle Success Coaching 4-Session Package

  • Four 45-50 minute coaching sessions
  • Plus email support

For only $400

(Savings of $133)

Pinnacle Success Coaching 8-Session Package

  • Eight 45-50 minute coaching sessions
  • Plus email support

For only $700

(Savings of $366)

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Your Coaching Sessions will be conducted over the telephone at a time convenient for you and your coach on the subject outlined above.

The coaching fee will be charged to your credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express).   

You will receive an email explaining the details with contact information.

Working with a coach is like participating in a sport with a coach, you do your part under the guidance of the coach.  Women’s Support TEAM stands behind its coaches, consultants and trainers.


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