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The Mentors listed below are making these specials available to you so that you can achieve more success with less stress in all areas of your life, personal and business.

Take full advantage of your opportunity to learn from these seasoned, experienced women who know what works best and how to do it…

These generous offerings are for YOUR Success…

NOTE:  These are simply examples of special offers - These specails are available only to Participant members of our WS TEAM.

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Harness Technology

Mentor & Founder, Paula Constantino offers you her series - Harness the Power of the Internet at 50% savings - includes downloadable audio plus written materials for each.

How to Create Attention Grabbing Online Articles – Outlines how writing articles for your online readers differs from print articles, how to use articles to increase your credibility, and much more… only $10 (Regularly $20)

How to Use Audio to Deliver Your Unique “Message” – Shows you how to use computer recordings to personalize and deliver your unique message – to spread your word worldwide -  so that you can use audio to increase your credibility, your bottom line and much more… only $12.50 (Regularly $25)

How to Create & Market Informational Products… For Your Success – Simplifies the process for you to create and market your own downloadable information products so that you can “package” your knowledge, passion and wisdom for the benefit of all… and much more… only $20 (Regularly $40)

How to Have Your Website Work for You – Provides you with checklists and guidelines for creating, maintaining and enhancing your website so that it works for you to build your success… and much more… only $22.50 (Regularly $45)

Get the entire Harness the Internet Series – all 4 programs for only $50 (Regularly $100)


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Improve Your Bottom Line

  Lisa Marie Platske, our Upside Thinking Mentor and recipient  of NAFE's 2007 Woman of Excellence award, brings passion to her work as President and Chief Enthusiasm Officer of Upside Thinking, Inc... And is offering 15% discount to TEAM Participants off of all of her coaching/consulting services. 


 Mentor Dr. Mary Heidkamp, Rapid Intervention Coach, helps identify when you need help; how she helps you find a way out; and how you can prevent further crisis situations  - inspiring you to become the best that you can be while discovering who you truly are.

Mary’s Special Offer is her Free Downloadable Audio - How Rapid Intervention Can Rescue You


Tap into Your Passion

Mentor Debbie Friedman, M.S., C.Ht., Founder of Cleaning Out The Closet Of Your Mind, INC., helps you getting rid of the old stuff that's held you back in the past and then consciously creating the life you love to live. For Wealth - For Success - For Life!!!

Debbie is offering you a 15% discount on her Manifesting Made Easy book and CD in hard copy or downloadable format.

Here is the link for the special offer purchase page on Debbie’s website:


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Colette Carlson, our Ask for What You Want Mentor, offers Participants her Success Tools Package at a special discount… more than 30% off.


Conversations On Success (Book)

Colette is a featured author, along with Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen and Dr. Lois Frankel in this content-rich collection of interviews capturing the insights, strategies and inspirations of success-minded people.      


Communication Mistakes Even Smart Women Make (1 hr. Audio CD)

Gain the respect, credibility and visibility you deserve by avoiding self-defeating behaviors that are costing you time, money and sanity!  


Yes, I Can Say “No” (1 hr. Audio CD)

Create the time and energy you need in today’s fast paced world by learning how to eliminate the pressure to do more and say “no” without worry or guilt!


You receive all 3 Items for a total of only $50 - plus tax. (Normally $24.99 each) – Shipping Included!


Plus you receive this added Bonus: Success Strategies: Become a Sales Star!  20 Page Success Strategies Sales Workbook (PDF File)

In today’s competitive marketplace it is imperative that sales professionals speak with integrity. Close more sales by learning how to:

  • Speak your customer’s language to gain credibility and respect
  • Uncover needs through sincere problem solving
  • Close effortlessly without pressure or anxiety.


Maryellen Gor, our Personal Blooming Mentor, offers you her book ~ as seen on the Today Show ~ Blooming Late:  Cultivating Your Self Esteem After Fifty at a 20% discount - for only $9.50(Regulary $11.95).

Are you over 50 and:

  • feel you need a self esteem boost?
  • are tired of dealing with the negative people in your life?
  • need time for yourself but feel guilty about it?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, YOU NEED THIS BOOK!!!!

Let Maryellen Gor guide you on a path to blooming, that is, abandoning the notion that “I’m not enough!” and uncovering the many strengths you already have and don’t even realize it!


  Yarrow, our Energize Your Space & Self Mentor is Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and an Accredited House Staging Professional (ASP)… helping you energize your space and yourself.


As speaker and author, her message is inspiring, motivational and humorous appealing to women of any age and people seeking more out of life!


Yarrow, as a contributing author to the 2006 anthology for women, offers you 15% off The Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs: Real-life Stories of Determination, Growth & Prosperity at only $16.95.

Contact Yarrow at or 410-626-1316 ... requesting this special WS TEAM offer.


   Jeanna Gabellini, CPCC, our Xtreme Abundance Mentor, offers you this FREE 8-minute visioning process guaranteed to amp up your vibration and confidence around a particular goal. 


  Eva Gregory, our Law of Attraction Mentor, offers you these lovely gifts to inspire you and brighten your day.

Daily Pearls E-Book

Beautiful, full-color e-book of Eva's most popular nuggets and quotable quotes to tickle your soul and brighten your day.

To access your free Daily Pearls Ebook, click Add To Shopping Cart. Price will reflect $0.00

Pearls of Wisdom Screen Saver

Eva's Daily Pearls of Wisdom "Vision" Screen Saver 

Let your PC give you gentle, encouraging reminders to help keep you thinking and acting in the certain way with the Eva's Daily Pearls of Wisdom "Vision" Screen Saver.

"Vision" is self-installing (a simple "Readme" instruction file is included): Download delivery.

To access your free copy of Eva's Daily Pearls of Wisdom "Vision" Screen Saver, click Add To Shopping Cart. Price will reflect $0.00


 Life not going as planned?  Learn what's holding you back by talking with Mentor Sandi Athey, Psychic Healer and Medical Intuitive.  Sandi can help you release the past to empower your future decisions.  Work with Sandi as she connects beyond the physical plane to promote health, balance and spiritual growth.

Contact Sandi for your 20-minute consultation for only $35.00 a 35% savings off her usual fee...


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Mentor, Daniela Bumann, Founder of Vibrant Living, offers you a practical and everyday personal guide to accompany you through all aspects of your day from morning ‘til night including:

                                              *Morning Power Up

                                              *Mid-Day Lift


                                              *Deep Relaxation.

Daniela is offering you a 20% discount on her New Meditation CD - Cultivate Focused, Inspired Bodyful Living, regularly $16.95 but only $13.59 for you, plus S&H.


Connect with Others

 Connections Mentor and Diva, Robbie Motter, helps you build and maintain relationships for your success, in public relations, marketing and nonprofit issues.

Robbie offers a Free 30 minute coaching session on PR, Marketing and/or Nonprofit issues.

Streamline Your Business

  Our Small Business Support Mentor, Amy Bradbury, helps rescue the business world from dull bookkeeping by not only helping you understand your numbers, but also showing you how to make them work for you. With knowledge gleaned from her vast variety of business clients, she can help your business be its most profitable!

Amy is offering you a free one-hour telephone consultation


Spread Your Message

  Our Duh! Marketing Mentor, Liz Goodgold, offers you her hardback book at a 25% discount at $29.99 (regularly $39.99 - Saving $10) - DUH! MARKETING®: 99 MONSTROUS MISSTEPS You Can Use to Learn, Laugh, and Grow Your Business. 


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Increase Your Sales  

  Elinor Stutz, our Smooth Sales Mentor, helps you smooth out your “sales” process, with her five keys to “relationship selling” – approaching prospects as new friends.  She helps take the strain out of selling by providing step by step guidance for relationship building – your key to increased sales!


Elinor is offering you her Free Report - How to Relationship Sell while Networking and Making the Most of the Holidays. 


Transition in or Expand Your Business

As a Career Coach, Peak Performance Mentor, Janet Snyder works with you through all phases of career transition either for you individually or for your company.  Janet works with individual candidates who are looking for a new job but don't know how to get one or who have not been effective at it. 

On the company side, she works mostly with solopreneurs and small business owners who are expanding their businesses and need to add employees or contractors.  These business owners may be adding their first employee and are unsure about turning over the reins; having had high turnover and want to know how to get competent employees and keep them; or looking for how to set up incentives to keep their current staff happy.

Janet is offering you 20% on her coaching services (for the first three months). 


Fine Tune Your Finances

Merchant Services/Card Processing Mentor, Evelyn Siegel, through Cash Flow Services, provides you with customized credit card equipment and innovative business solutions that improve cash flow, offering the following services: electronic recovery of NSF checks; Automated Bank Drafting for monthly payments; Credit Card Terminals for retailers, restaurants, medical practices, and Internet commerce; Check Conversion; and Smart Card/Loyalty Programs.

Evelyn is offering all merchants a "FREE Analysis" of their current rates, informing them on her findings and how best to move forward. 


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