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Margie Warrell
Life & Executive Coach ~ Find Your Courage



~ Margie Warrell ~
Find Your Courage


   Margie’s  coaching style reflects her positive outlook and practical approach to life. It also reflects her experience as a wife and mother of four young children, a corporate executive, expatriate and intrepid traveler.



Why Margie?  Her coaching will help you:

  • Find the guts you need to do what you really want to do
  • Get focused on your goals and passions
  • Strengthen your relationships (and your personal boundaries)
  • Better balance the demands of career and family
  • Learn how you can spend more and better quality time with you family
  • Be more self-expressed and communicate better to get the results you want
  • Live your life in alignment with the things you value most
  • Improve your health, fitness and your overall sense of well-being
  • Step beyond your comfort zones (when you need a push)
  • Overcome procrastination and indecision
  • Improve time management and get better organized
  • Reduce the stress in your life
  • Be more effective, assertive and successful
  • Learn to tap into your own intuition, courage and wisdom!

About Margie...

Margie Warrell is an Executive & Life Coach, Speaker, and Author who is recognized internationally as an expert on courage as it relates to communication, relationships, leadership and life!


Since leaving her home in rural Australia at 18 (she used to ride her horse to her one room school house!), Margie’s work, sense of adventure and intrepid spirit have taken her to over 60 countries around the world.

With a background in business and psychology, Margie is an ICF accredited and certified ontological coach.   She works with individuals and teams to expand their vision, enhance communication effectiveness, strengthen leadership competence and fulfill individual potential.

Being a mother of four young children, Margie understand the work/life challenges of professional women. As an expatriate, Margie also appreciate the challenges of relocating (whether domestically or internationally) and dealing with change and reestablishing herself and her business in a new community (and country).


Along her own life journey, Margie has developed a strong intuitive sense that allows her to sense the underlying issues in people’s lives (sometimes even before they are aware of it themselves).


By being able to listen to more than just the words being spoken, Margie can work with you to address those areas of you life that aren’t completely satisfying. Margie can help you clarify what it is you truly want and how you can bring it to reality.


You can count on Margie, as your coach, to:  

  • Act with complete integrity at all times (adhering to the ICF Code of Ethics)
  • Be fully committed to your success
  • Create a safe place for you to share both your dreams and fears
  • Get you moving forward in action to achieve the goals you want
  • Provide an objective perspective and honest feedback
  • Ask powerful questions (one’s you wouldn’t have asked yourself)
  • Share with you tools and distinctions that equip you to deal with most obstacles and challenges in your professional life
  • Hold you accountable to the commitments you make in our coaching relationship

Words of Praise for Margie...

“Find Your Courage! is an up front, to the point and honest masterpiece. You can't go wrong with this one!"  ~  Richard Carlson, Best Selling Author of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff... and its all small stuff



The insights in this book are more than simply helpful. They are astonishing in their clarity and in their value. A few hours of reading can change more than just your perspective - it can change your life!”  ~  Yasmin Davidds, Television Talk Show Host, Author of Take Back Your Power

“I would recommend Margie as a speaker to any group who is interested in discovering ways to get clear on their priorities, how to manage them more effectively and find more meaning in their day to day life. Margie was truly inspirational and really made our event a huge success. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”  Brooke O’Shea, Sabre Holdings/Fort Worth, TX


Book your coaching with Margie Now…

With a Standard Individual Coaching Fee - $250 an hour...

~ Margie is offering you these special coaching packages ~

Life Coaching 4-Session Package –

  • One 60-minute intake session and three 30 minute sessions within two month period
  • Find Your Courage! eWorkbook
  • Unlimited laser email coaching

Yours for only $450

Life Coaching 9-Session Package

  • One 60 minute intake session and eight 30-minute sessions within 6 months
  • Personally Autographed copy of Find Your Courage!
  • Find Your Courage! eWorkbook
  • Unlimited laser email coaching
  • Additional two 5-10 minutes of targeted phone coaching per month
  • Both 7 Step Programs are done as this coaching package

Yours for only $875

At the foundation of Margie’s coaching is her belief that you are capable of more than you think you are and that you possess all the courage you need to be and do what inspires you. If you are willing to do the work, coaching can help you get unstuck and into action toward achieving the goals that inspire you.

Margie stands behind her coaching If you, as her client, do not feel you have received value from her coaching, Margie will refund your coaching fees.


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