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Marcia Merrill
Career/Life Transitions Coach ~ AKA “The Transition Chick!



Marcia Merrill


~ ~


Fall in Love with your LIFE & your work!
(In that order!)






Why Marcia? With her positive, cheerleader/catalyst attitude, she helps you... 

  • Get “unstuck,” de-stress & get rid of those negative feelings that hold you back
  • Propel yourself into positive action to find a career/job/lifestyle that fits!
  • Learn about your strengths & transferable skills to see yourself doing something that feeds your passion
  • Increase your “Transition IQ”
  • Clarify what changes are impacting your life
  • Create more balance and harmony between your personal & professional worlds
  • Turn muddle & confusion into momentum and a clarity - so you have a direction (a roadmap) to achieve your dreams/goals
  • Gain insight into how your attitude impacts your life - positively or negatively – with the Law of Attraction


Marcia’s coaching style is upbeat, reflecting an absolute belief in all the possibilities.


She has been called an “ideas-generator Energizer bunny” & models the joy you can feel when living with passion & purpose!


Marcia prides herself on combining job readiness expertise, be it crafting winning resumes, interview coaching, or putting on her “marketing coach hat” & guiding a solo-entrepreneur, like herself, through the startup stages to a successful business!


As your coach, Marcia guarantees to: 

  • Listen deeply for clients’ needs - spoken or hidden - often from themselves
  • Challenge you with insightful questions
  • Create a “safe place” to share your goals & dreams
  • Keep you on track-holding you accountable & guiding you to achieve success
  • Co-create in partnership with you-your individual journey & trusts in clients’ decisions & inner-wisdom!
  • Support you as you gain clarity & direction
  • Focus on client & always be “in your corner”


About Marcia ~


Having literally reinvented her career (and redefined her goals and herself) many times over, Marcia Merrill has definitely earned the title of being known as the Transitions Chick


Before she answered her true calling, namely coaching, she was a Staff Analyst for a consulting company; a resource librarian; and taught English, Spanish composition, and English as a second language in all levels of schools, from elementary through to doing substitute teaching during her graduate schooling.


Her fervent desire to continually learn and explore different avenues that led her to obtain two Masters degrees, the first in Bilingual/Bicultural Education and Instructional Systems Development from the University of Maryland, and the second in Counseling Psychology from Loyola College, Maryland.


Marcia draws upon not only her solid academic background and her 18+ years as a Career Counselor, but also her own personal transitions that she has weathered and emerged from victoriously. She definitely ‘walks the walk and talks the talk’ and her primary objective is to help women achieve the level of contentment and success they desire from their life and their career or business.  Whether it’s transitioning from an entry level position to an executive manager, changing jobs to realize their hopes and dreams, to learning how to cope with the setbacks that life in general sometimes throws at us, Marcia always applies her caring and creative problem-solving skills to her clients.


Her mission statement, “Fall in love with your LIFE & your work (and in that order!)” shows how Marcia prioritizes her life, and her clients easily achieve the same balance in their lives from her superb coaching skills. 


Words of Praise for Marcia ~

"I've found Marcia Merrill to be a great resource in helping me establish a career development path. I've found Marcia particularly easy to talk to and she always receives my calls with enthusiasm, and you can sense the genuine interest and optimism in her voice. I also think that one of Marcia's strengths to be her willingness to talk straight and give me feedback that may not be particularly easy for me to hear. This has built my confidence in her guidance. Her extensive knowledge of available tools (both online and in hardcopy) to assist me with skills assessments, personality assessments, etc. have also proved invaluable. I look forward to continuing to tap into Marcia's experience and talent to assist me in developing a fulfilling career path."Project Manager, MBA

"Marcia's sense of who I am and the unusual talents I have to offer was right on. She is gifted and intuitive and the assessments I took very valuable. She opened my eyes to creative ways in which I could apply my education, skills, and talents to a new career path. Marcia's big message was that my unusual composite of experience, skills, gifts and personality made it difficult for me to find a job with good reason: I am an "unusual" person looking at "usual" jobs! Together, we began thinking "outside of the box". Marcia is full of resources in networking, personal assessments and employment resources." ~   Scientist, Musician/Entrepreneur

 “Working with Marcia Merrill was an eye-opener. I'd never had the occasion to consult with a professional about my aptitudes and needs for career satisfaction. She helped me on many different levels. Together, we explored areas I hadn't thought about. I'd recommend the experience to anyone who wants to stay in their current job or look for other opportunities.” ~  Director-Public Relations for large non-profit


“Discovering Marcia Merrill and her talents was a major benefit to me.  She has helped me in many ways and I am very grateful.  It has been so many years since I have done anything related to job searching, that I hardly knew where to begin.  I truly felt as though I was floundering. 


First she assessed my skills, not only with testing, but also with an ability to go beyond ordinary interpretation.  She has an intuitive skill which allows her to get to the heart of an individual.  This of course translates into a great benefit in all aspects of working with a coach. 


The first day I worked with her I was so excited with the suggestions that she made that I could not wait to utilize them. Her guidance is very uplifting and it gave me so much more hope than I had previously.  In addition working with Marcia saved me a great deal of time!     


In addition to all the educational and technical expertise that Marcia brings to her coaching business, she also has an extremely good heart.  She is supportive, kind and very generous with her gifts.  Marcia has a wealth of resources which she readily shares with her clients.  She enables her clients instead of keeping them dependent on her.  Marcia has definitely found her calling!” ~ Library Tech/Entrepreneur                                                                                


Book your coaching with Marcia Now

Normally charging individuals $250 per hour…

~ Marcia is offering you this special coaching package ~ 


~ Leap Into Your Life With Passion and Purpose© ~
(A series of 5 coaching calls) 

  • A Preliminary “Get Acquainted” consultation (25-30 minutes)
  • 2- hour assessment & professional interpretation of results-the Unique You TM to jumpstart your clarity of purpose!
  • 1-hour How to create an Action Plan tailored to the “Unique You”
  • hour Keeping on Track session using the Action Plan you’ve created
  • 1-Hour “Passion Profile”-sharpening your focus & bringing Passion & Purpose together
  • Plus additional written materials for every step of the way!


Complete Package for only $650

(Savings of more than $250)



No Risk Guarantee:  You meet Marcia halfway, do your part, honor your commitments, then Marcia guarantees that you will gain insight and a valuable system to achieve a life full of passion & purpose or she will refund your fees or give you any of her other programs, books, audios, ebooks-free of charge.

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The first coaching fee will be charged to your credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express). Subsequent payments will be paid directly to Coach.

Your Coaching Sessions will be conducted over the telephone at a time convenient for you and your coach on the subject outlined above.

You will receive an email explaining the details with contact information.

Working with a coach is like participating in a sport with a coach, you have to do your part under the guidance of the coach. Women’s Support TEAM stands behind its coaches, consultants, and trainers. 


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