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Kim Loftis
~  Life & Spiritual Coach - ~

~ Kim Loftis ~

Life & Spiritual Coach


Joyfully assisting spiritual women
to reach for their dreams





Why Kim ~ Through partnering with you as your coach, Kim can assist you in:


  • Becoming empowered to heal the pain, barriers and blocks in your life
  • Taking steps towards creating a wonderful, meaningful and prosperous future
  • Learning to forgive yourself and others
  • Cultivating balance and harmony in your life
  • Learning to love, trust and accept yourself and others
  • Living in your own authentic integrity
  • Discovering the truly beautiful person who lives within you
  • Finding powerful ways to reduce your stress and anxiety levels
  • Making spiritual growth and spirituality a vital and joyful part of your daily life
  • Discovering and cultivating a deep and gratifying relationship with God
  • Gaining more joy, self-empowerment and fulfillment in your life.


Utilizing loving compassion, powerful exercises and deep insight, Kim joyfully assists spiritual women to reach for their dreams and teach their hearts to sing.


Kim brings enthusiasm, compassion and sincerity to all aspects of her life and work, leaning on God’s wisdom and love to guide her in all that she says and does. She is devoted to assisting and empowering her clients through patience, love, empathy and understanding. She believes that each of us has unique gifts, and a unique path and purpose in life, and delights in helping her clients to discover their own gifts, path and purpose.


Kim is devoted to maintaining a safe, comfortable and positive environment in which to assist her clients. As her client, you can look forward to sessions filled with love, humor and growth. She assures you, as her client, that she will always deeply listen with an open heart and mind, delight in your successes and celebrations, and lovingly support you through any tough times. Her desire is to help you to discover - or rediscover - joy, spiritual fulfillment, purpose, peace and prosperity!


Each of us is incredibly special, greatly gifted and filled with wisdom to contribute to our world in our own unique way. As your coach, Kim assists you in discovering and cultivating your many gifts and great wisdom, and in recognizing just how important and special you truly are.


About Kim ~


As a certified spiritual and life coach, Kim is deeply honored to assist others in gaining the self-love and self-empowerment necessary to reach for their dreams and allow their hearts to sing.  She is a deeply spiritual woman, and is passionate about assisting other women in learning to experience deep spiritual fulfillment and a joyful connection with God/Spirit/Source.


Graduating from college Magna Cum Laude with Bachelor of Arts degrees in music and psychology, Kim intended to pursue a Masters degree in clinical psychology before she happily discovered the coaching profession.  After much research, prayer and talking with several wonderful coaches, she decided that this was the path for her.  She received her coach training from the Coach Training Academy of North America, graduating with honors.


Kim has been coaching professionally since mid 2006, and is dedicated to do all she can to continue to expand her knowledge so that she can be the very best coach she can be.  Each of her clients means the world to her, and she often discovers as much from coaching them as they learn from receiving coaching with her!


Using her honed intuition, compassionate and careful listening skills and deep insight, she is honored to assist and witness committed, spiritual women to discover and cultivate their many rich and beautiful gifts, excavate their passions and find their own unique ways of being in the world.  The gift of coaching can be a beautiful and powerful partnership, and she would be honored to partner with you as your coach.


Praise of Kim ~


I think you are a gate opener. That phrase came to me. You help facilitate shifts for people and open doors to other worlds they might not have found on their own. That's my insight on one of your gifts, my dear. You are a very bright light that is most needed in the world at this time. Keep on shining brightly!  ~ Donna H, California


The time we spent together talking was very enjoyable. You were able to help me with clarity on several current life issues and you did this in such a personable, warm and friendly manner! Thanks again for sharing your gift with the rest of us! I truly appreciate you! ~ Karen, Phoenix, Arizona



God brings wonderful earth angels to us in miraculous ways.  Kim came to me looking for a web designer - in reality the angels sent her to me as a dear friend and as bright guidance to the light of God within ME. In getting to know Kim, I developed a new perspective on not only life in general, but on my life specifically. She is truly a gifted, loving, gentle spirit - a magnificent keeper of the light. ~ Kate Large, Aurora, Colorado


Book your coaching with Kim Now…


With a Customary Coaching Fee of $75 for each 45-50 minute session...


~ Kim is offering you these special coaching packages ~


Life & Spiritual Coaching 4-Session Package

  • Four 45-50 minute coaching sessions over the course of one month,
  • Copy of Kim's Inspiration for Life's Journey e-course
  • Unlimited email support

Yours for only $250



Life & Spiritual Coaching 12-Session Package

  • Twelve 45-50 minute coaching sessions over the course of three months,
  • Copy of Kim's Inspiration for Life's Journey e-course
  • Unlimited email support

Yours for only $740



Kim stands by her coaching and guarantees your satisfaction.  If after thirty days you don't feel you're receiving value from coaching with Kim, she will refund your money.


Just click on the "Add to Cart" button above.

Your Coaching Sessions will be conducted over the telephone at a time convenient for you and your coach on the subject outlined above.

The coaching fee will be charged to your credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express).   

You will receive an email explaining the details with contact information.

Working with a coach is like participating in a sport with a coach, you do your part under the guidance of the coach.  Women’s Support TEAM stands behind its coaches, consultants and trainers.


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