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June Davidson
Coach of Mastery ~ "Re-Progamming" Your Mind


~ June Davidson ~

American Seminar Leaders’ Association (ASLA)


Stepping onto Center Stage
in the Theater of your Mind



Why June? As a Master Coach, June uses ATAP – Accessing your Truth to Accelerate your Process so that you… 

  • Quickly identify your negative programming – addressing your pain first
  • Create brain “pattern interrupts” for clearing negative so that you can shift into positive
  • Then accelerate process – by creating resistance checks… that give you the freedom to be who you were born to have
  • You can then step center stage in theater of your own mind
  • Then you create your life… honoring who truly are and celebrating yourself


Remember we are all pre-programmed very early in our life:

  • ages 0-4 - 50% programmed
  • ages 4-8 - 30% programmed
  • ages 8-18 - 15% programmed
  • after age 18 - only 5% programmed

June has worked with master coaches to implement training for seminar leaders and to become a coaching master ~ having studied and worked with such coaching gurus as Dr Suzanne Skiffington, Jim Roan, Jay Abraham, Jack Canfield, Denis Waitley, Mark Victor Hansen, T. Harv Eckert and others.

June's coaching also focuses on generating abundance - prosperity and money in your life from her upcoming book - The Millionaire Within.

About June ~

June wears numerous hats remarkably well…

  • Master Coach
  • Professional Trainer
  • Speaker
  • Author

She has founded and heads several businesses that help other achieve success:

  • President of American Seminar Leaders Association
  • Founder of Coaching Firm International
  • Affiliate Professor for the MBA program, University of Bucharest
  • Founder of International Education Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to support young people’s education
  • Owner of Wisdom Learning Center
  • Founder and President of the “Possibility People” Radio Show dedicated to help people with disabilities
  • Founder and Director of the Development of the American/Armenian College

Since 1990 to present June has specialized in research and training, having trained over 6,000 students throughout the entire world in… 

  • Leadership
  • Certified Seminar Leading
  • Certified Coaching
  • Teaching courses that offer Continuing Education Units for… PhD Therapists, LCSW, CPA, Attorneys

She is the author of over 20 teaching manuals covering such topics as customer service, communication, stress, goal setting, selling, financial and lifestyle protection, and ethics. 

Her books include:                    

  • Coaching The Millionaire Within
  • Marketing Your Coaching Practice with Seminars
  • Millionaire Blueprint For Women” (Co-author - soon to be released)


Praise for June ~

“June is a force to be reckoned with! She's an international role model for business women, entrepreneurs, public speakers and trainers and authors. I know few people with her breadth of knowledge and generosity of spirit.”  ~ Morgana Rae, Owner, Charmed Life Coaching

“June is caring, interactive, dynamic and results oriented. Her charisma excites you to work with her. If you want to make your dreams come true, turn to June. She turns dreams and wishes into YOUR reality. Creating a vision is a powerful thing. June helps bring focus and direction to her clients along with helping them distill their vision for their personal & business future. She is a joy to work with and I consider myself lucky to also count her as a friend.” ~ Zeda Spiegel, Marketing Representative,

“I have worked with June in so many aspects of my career, first taking her classes in Seminar Leading, following that up with her Coaching workshop. Taking these workshops catapulted me into a lifestyle I couldn't even begin to dream about... it was wayyy too big. I have since created numerous internet broadcasts, spoken at various group meetings, created podcasting seminars and far more things I've not time to mention here. If you want to get going in your biz, June's knowledge, excitement and experience is the place to start. ~ Revvell Revati, Entrepreneur

“June is an unstoppable woman. She is one who puts people into action that will forward their life. Love about June is her love and appreciation of people plus her amazing radiant energy.”  ~ Tina Hiatt, Owner, InThink


Book your coaching with June Now…

With a Standard Individual Coaching Fee - $500 an hour with a minmum of $1500...

~ June is offering you these special coaching packages ~

4-Hour Coaching Package

Intake Session(1 Hour) Plus three one-hour sessions

Yours for only $1500

(Saving you $500)


6-Hour Coaching Package

Intake Session(1 Hour) Plus five one-hour sessions

Yours for only $2000

(Saving you $1000)

Just click on the link for the package you want.

Your Coaching Sessions will be conducted over the telephone at a time convenient for you and your coach on the subject outlined above.

The coaching fee will be charged to your credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express).   

You will receive an email explaining the details with contact information.

Working with a coach is like participating in a sport with a coach, you do your part under the guidance of the coach.  Women’s Support TEAM stands behind its coaches, consultants and trainers.


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