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Daniela Bumann
The Vibrant Living Master Coach

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~ Daniela Bumann ~


Vibrant Living Seminars

Integrating the Mind-Body Connection





Why Daniela? Her Body-Centered Coaching can...

  • Empower your personal & professional excellence and well-being

  • Inspire and support you to build strength and stamina from the "inside out"
  • Expand and establish your self-esteem, body image, self care, and weight loss goals  
  • Show you 'practical' action steps to transform your life, achieve your goals and Manifest your dreams
  • Motivate & inspire you with 7 Steps to full potential~ Vibrant Living For Life!
  • Provide Leadership Team Building & Motivational Skills (DiSC Behavioral Assessment)
  • As well as, help you…
    • Get Body Wise “Improve your Health, Focus & Energy Rapidly!”  
    • Recognize & Prevent Burnout
    • Deal with Difficult People
    • Communicate more effectively
    • Power Meditation: A Tool to Balance your Academic Life Now
  • Plus, help college students…
    • Make their Mark in Transitioning from College to Real Life
    • Make Better Grades in College or School  “Learn to Relax, Re-charge and Re-focus their Time”
    • Use The Power of Confidence for College Students! “How to Achieve Success No Matter What”


Daniela’s Vibrant Living Coaching engages a multitude of modalities to Educate, Uplift and Inspire you... creating an “Experience" for you to become “In-Sync,” empowering you to your full, creative potential, including:


  • Business, Life & Wellness Coaching
  • Meditation Practice
  • Creative Movement
  • Energy Healing/Body Balancing
  • Mindfulness
  • Goal Setting & Accountability
  • Herbal/Nutritional Counseling
  • Guided Imagery
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Moving Meditation
  • Art & Poetry in Motion

About Daniela ~

Daniela Bumann, Swiss native, is the founder of Vibrant Living Training & Seminars. Through her personal journey and experience with an array of clients from organizations, individuals, groups or couples, she has been moved to develop the Vibrant Living Training Program & the Creative Movement Process™.


Daniela received her degree in Movement-Dance Therapy from the Guggenbuehl Institute in Basel, Switzerland. As a Business, Life and Wellness coach she has guided people for more than15 years to find ‘true’ confidence and self realization, as well as to empower personal and professional excellence and well-being.


Daniela is a Certified Seminar Leader, Author, Speaker, DiSC Trainer, and Facilitator. She was recently seen on Showtime TV, showcasing the Vibrant Living Program™.

Words of Praise for Daniela…

“I have been seeing Daniela Bumann with Vibrant Living as a personal coach for about 3 years….


 I started seeing her to help me with some personal goals of mine and then my husband and I had some sessions with her as well. Because of Daniela’s unique style of coaching, she is able to accomplish in a one hour session what would take about 10 counseling sessions.  I speak from experience since before I moved to California; I was in counseling following a divorce for about 7 years….


For the past year, I have been seeing Daniela twice a month to complete my first book.  My book is just about completed and I could not have done it without her.  Her use of Dance Therapy, music and meditation have moved me through this book much faster than if I would have tried to do it on my own….  She was kind, compassionate, patient but yet steady in coaching me through the entire process.


I would highly recommend Daniela to anyone who is thinking about changing jobs, improving their marriage or as a team builder at your job.  Even if you don’t think you have any issues to work on, anyone can benefit from time with Daniela. She is very professional; she makes what could be a painful process, fun and effective.”  ~ Darlene Merkler, Community Outreach Coordinator, Somerford Place


“When I first met Daniela I was at a very low point in my life, physically, energetically and spiritually. Having had 6 major surgeries in 2 years had seriously depleted my joy. With a customized program including creative movement and meditation, I am now experiencing strengthening in my body and a return to loving life. Daniela’s professional yet loving life coaching style brought me to a different level.  A level whereby I was able to address issues from my childhood, blockages preventing me from speaking my truth and ‘moving ahead’ with my life. Working with Daniela has been a most rewarding experienceI want to live each day in joy and peace of mind, and I have now been given tools for my journey.”  ~ Wilma Nazzal. RN BSN ORN, Redlands Community Hospital


“Through Vibrant Living, I have learned how to de-stress and enjoy life. Daniela’s presence instills confidence that anything is possible.” ~  Sandy M. - Financial Manager


“Daniela is a gifted communicator both in live presentations and her recorded CD.  Her calm, yet energized demeanor makes her very successful at addressing the concerns of human be-ings.  Whether leading guided imagery or teaching how to deal with difficult people, she challenges people to move onward and upward without being ‘preachy’ or ambiguous.  She makes an excellent addition to any speaker panel when discussing matters relating to emotional and physical wellness.”  ~ Cindy Langwell, Certified Laughter Leader, Field Programs Manager, National MS Society

“Vibrant Living awakens, enlightens, and uplifts the soul’s deepest passion, transforming traumatic life experiences into an opportunity for inner harmony. This holistic process of self-discovery eliminated the need for years of conventional therapy.” ~ Diana S. - Licensed Social Worker & Counselor


Book your coaching with Daniela Now…

With a regular Coaching Fee - $150 an hour

~ Daniela is offering you these special coaching packages ~

3-Hour Vibrant Living Coaching Package

Three one-hour sessions of pesonalized coaching.

Yours for only $360

(Saving you $90)

5-Hour Vibrant Living Coaching Package

Five one-hour sessionsof pesonalized coaching.

Yours for only $545

(Saving you $205)

Just click on the link for the package you want.

Your Coaching Sessions will be conducted over the telephone at a time convenient for you and your coach on the subject outlined above.

The coaching fee will be charged to your credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express).   

You will receive an email explaining the details with contact information.

Working with a coach is like participating in a sport with a coach, you do your part under the guidance of the coach.  Women’s Support TEAM stands behind its coaches, consultants and trainers.


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