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Carol Deckert
Networking Coach ~ It's All About People!


~ Carol Deckert ~

Referrals Unlimited Network (RUN)

Everyone can network...

But not everyone knows to how network effectively!



Why Carol?  She works with you to…


  • Focus on people
  • Build and cultivate relationships
  • Form nurtured, thriving relationships
  • Develop the skills necessary to generate solid business referrals and
  • Build your business through networking


Quite honestly, Carol’s skill and approach to networking is unique.  She speaks from lots of her own personal experiences.  She is passionate about networking and working with people! 


She works with you, helping you to develop the skills necessary to generate solid business referrals from nurtured, thriving relationships. 


About Carol  ~


Born and raised in Lancaster County, Carol has been an independent small business owner since 1993.  Her professional background includes all phases of administrative assistance/support from clerk/typist to Executive Administrative Assistant since 1967 when I graduated from high school.


As a Networking Coach, Carol teaches people to network both effectively and efficiently.  Many people know they need to network, but they really don’t understand what to do when they are at an event or how to build a relationship with the people they meet.  Her entire focus is on people – how to build and cultivate relationships. 


Carol coaches individuals and groups on networking, professional development and other small business marketing issues, helping them build their business through networking.


Words of Praise for Carol ~


“I have found Carol Deckert to be extremely knowledgeable as far as the working of the business world and business coaching in general. I am fortunate to have been included in an ongoing group coaching and networking group for the past six months. Carol has the ability to impart information and draw out responses from the group to personalize the coaching experience for each of us. She has helped me to focus on the necessary skills and actions to help me build my business.” ~  Linda Sommer, Partner, Senior Travel Consultants, LLC


“I have been in Carol Deckert's networking group, Referrals Unlimited Network, for 10 months.  She has given me individual consulting on how to better network and improve my time management skills, encouraging me to develop the confidence in myself to be able to publicly speak and promote myself and the company I represent.  She has made me accountable for my follow-up skills and to better attain my goals.  She has taught our group great networking skills that benefit us professionally and personally.  She is very good at net weaving and building relationships, teaching us how to build the relationships and realizing the business will come.  One of the things that she has instilled in our group is to pay it forward and she lives by this, and I do as well, thanks to her coaching.  


Carol is a very well known coach in the area with a lot of connections that she has built over the years.  The relationships that we have built in our group are strong and I know that these are friends for life.  If we are no longer in the group together the relationships will last.  I am so thankful that I have met Carol and that we have became such great friends.  She is a great mentor to me and I value her knowledge and coaching expertise.  If I ever have a problem or question and she can't answer it she will put me in contact with a person that can.  I truly am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a great group of people in her RUN networking group.  I appreciate the opportunity to be able to learn from one of the best networking coaches in the business.”  Tonya Martin, Account Representative, On-Line Publishers Inc.


“Carol has conceived a networking system (RUN International) based on her years of experience that help members learn about the multiplicity of networking and growing a business. Over the years Carol's sound advice has help me create many long term business relationships….

Most important Carol provides a networking vision that only a seasoned executive could offer. Her unconditional support and enthusiasm for her work is an inspiration to all. Carol will not be satisfied with anything less that a perfect end result.  I owe Carol an enormous debt of gratitude for her council, friendship, expertise and dedication.”  Bob Friedman, CEO - Pams Press Graphic Design


Book your coaching with Carol  Now…

Carol’s Customary Hourly Fee is $125/Hour on a retainer basis.

~  Carol is Offering You these Special Coaching Packages ~


 Networking Coaching 4-Session Package

  • Four 1- hour coaching sessions monthly in one months
  • Plus email and SKYPE support between coaching sessions

For Only $400
(Saving $100)


 Networking Coaching 12-Session Package

  • Four 1- hour coaching sessions monthly in one months
  • Plus email and SKYPE support between coaching sessions

For Only $1000
(Saving $500)

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Your Coaching Sessions will be conducted over the telephone at a time convenient for you and your coach on the subject outlined above.

You will receive an email explaining the details with contact information.

Working with a coach is like participating in a sport with a coach, you do your part under the guidance of the coach. Women’s Support TEAM stands behind its coaches, consultants, and trainers. 


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