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Being a Mentor

All WS TEAM Coaches are also Mentors

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Attention Coaches! 

If you are a coach and

you can deliver your coaching by telephone,

you are eligible for this unique coaching opportunity!

Women's Support TEAM is building a TEAM of Coaches to address the unique issues and challenges that women face... and we invite you to join us.

What makes this program unique?

  • Your prospective client can find you and your information online AND
  • Can also"purchase" your coaching service online!
  • You will have your own listing with your name, brief benefit statement and photo on the main Find a Coach website page.
  • You will also have your own full web page with your coaching information
  • Your coaching transaction will be fully automated, including payment to you.


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All Coaches in this program must also be WS TEAM Mentors.

If you are not already a WS TEAM Mentor, learn more here or sign up here with no cost or obligation.

If you are already a Mentor, simply send the following via email to  

  • Type & Brief Description of your coaching
  • List of benefits of your unique coaching – how you can help women in particular, why you should be their coach, how they will benefit from working with you
  • Brief bio – emphasizing coaching experience
  • Testimonials (2-4) – women who have benefited from your coaching (as specific as possible)
  • Your customary hourly coaching fee  
    A special package(s) for WS TEAM – what works for you
  • Any kind of guarantee or statement of satisfaction (something to reassure them that they are getting value)
  • Updated digital photo (Optional if your photo is already in our Directory)
  • Anything else that you can think of that would cause a woman to book you as a coach.
  • Call us 410-707-7278 to schedule a time to record your audio – it can be an interview or a solo presentation – your choice.

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  Robbie Motter ~ Personal & Business Coach: All of us need our own personal coach, even coaches, to keep us on target and accountable, Robbie’s mantra is It’s All About Showing Up! Robbie helps you reach your potential in life and business by showing you how to build your network, maximize your strengths and oh, so much more.


Libbe HaLevyJulie Andrews sings Libbe’s praises Libbe HaLevy served as our business retreat facilitator…. I am most grateful for her special skills and professionalism.”   Libbe can help you develop heart-centered consciousness, improve your communications skills, stimulate intuitive creativity and achieve your dreams in goal-setting, personal accountability, self-promotion, product creation and business development.


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