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About Paula
A Vision of Women Helping Women Succeed Globally...

Paula Constantino, Founder of Women's Support TEAM, truly believes that Together Everyone Achieves More Success with Less Stress Globally. Everyone working together creates synergy... the key to true success.

Paula has always been passionate about providing help and support for women in both life and business.

Her mission is for women to share their knowledge, expertise and wisdom with other women to enhance their personal and business development by harnessing the power of the Internet... through a TEAM of online mentors, coaches and affiliates... by the creating digital informational products. 

Paula believes that by nature, women love to collaborate and enjoy sharing what they know. Together Everyone Achieves More is Paula’s mantra and her vision is for women to help other women achieve more success with less stress globally... all by sharing what they are passionate about and what love to do... in effect by "packaging" themselves for success online.

When women create and sell downloadable informational products(DIP), they can reach and help so many more women than otherwise possible. 

Everyone on the TEAM truly wins:

  • Mentors share their knowledge by creating the DIP once and then automatically receive residual income from the selling them... on our WS TEAM website and their own website(optional)
  • Coaches offer their coaching consutling and training services on this website - booked online and delivered by telephone - at a discount for members
  • Participants (members) have access to the TEAM of Mentors and thier DIP - often at a discount.
  • Affiliates achieve residual income with a broader market reach.

Paula's mission is to create an all-inclusive virtual resource where women can find everything they need to enhance their life and business, including coaches, events, articles, life and business solutions, and more... all while pampering themselves, having fun and tapping into their creative side.

She recognizes the need of women to have all that need in one place where they can access anything they need... any time day or night. Paula has created the WS TEAM website to meet that need.

The online resources on the WS TEAM website provide women with rich resources to enhance their lives and to build their business… all while having fun and enjoying life to its fullest. The ultimate goal is to provide practical information to women globally.

Paula, with the assistance of her Board of Advisors, is building this nonprofit arm - the 1000 Women CAN Change the World Initiative - to empower women worldwide through the dissemination ealsily accessible, practical information in digital format. 

In addition, Paula recently launched that website ( for clients and coaches/consultants to find and work with each other for more success with ease - with just the click of a mouse and a telephone. Our Coaches are international and specialize numerous areas of life and business coaching and consulting.

Paula has also created other online resources at for harnessing the power of the Internet by developing an Internet presence with e-commerce and digital informational products. 

Having started law school at age 40, Paula views life as a continuous learning process, with all of us ever evolving and reinventing ourselves all works in progress.  Her goal is to provide women with rich resources to enhance their lives and business… all while embracing life fully.

As an attorney and entrepreneur Mom, Paula has worked hard to balance her personal and professional life and lives for the challenges that each new day brings, embracing them wholeheartedly... believing in abundance for all.

In addition to being a trial and transactional attorney, Paula has been a wellness consultant for Nikken, a company that provides products and support to enable people to achieve a complete and fulfilled life. She believes that wellness is the foundation for women being successful in business and that we all need to take care of the bodies that we've been given… after all they're the only ones we're ever going to have. Paula works with organizations for seniors and other community organizations.

Paula is an active member of several women's organizations believing that each organization offers women different benefits with differing member bases. Some focus more on face to face networking while others emphasize online networking; some are directed toward women executives, entrepreneurs or a combination; and so on.

Paula, also a coveted speaker, is currently a member of the following women's organizations:

  • ABWA (American Business Women's Association)
  • ABWA Express Network
  • eWomenNetwork
  • NAFE (National Association for Female Executive)
  • NAWBO (National Assoication of Women Business Owners)
  • WITI (Women in Technology International)
  • AAUW - American Association of University Women.

NAFE has nominated Paula for Office Depot's 2007 Business Woman of the Year award.

In her personal life, Paula enjoys spending precious time with her family, photography, traveling, horses, sailing... and generally experiencing life to the fullest. Born in Canada, Paula grew up in Florida but spent most of her adult life in New York, many years as a trial attorney in the New York metropolitan area. She currently lives in Annapolis, Maryland where she savors life on the Chesapeake Bay.


Paula Constantino

Women’s Support TEAM

1783 Forest Drive  #168

Annapolis , MD 21401




Women's Support TEAM is for YOU because

          Together Everyone Achieves More
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