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Dee Behrman
Your "Starbright" Life Coach



~ Dee Behrman~

Starbright Coach


    Your guide to a life of integrity and authenticity through the clarity of communication...



Why Dee?  She can help you…  

  • Build strong communication skills, especially to speak more powerfully
  • Become more self-assertive, including managing negative mind talk
  • Improve organization skills and eliminate clutter
  • Work through relationship challenges with children, elderly parents and others
  • Live a healthy life style
  • Become unstoppable and fearless even when faced with enormous challenges
  • Design their goals and a plan of action for achieving them
  • Be in integrity and support them in articulating their vision, mission and goals for the future


About Dee: 

Prior to 1997, Dee was a certified Paralegal in Probate/Estate Planning and Real Estate, as well as a Law Office Administrator.  She also worked as a Records Manager in designing filing and accounting systems for doctors, dentists, attorneys, architects, etc.


In 1997, Dee began coaching formally with her focus on systems and productivity. Since 2005, she has worked with June Davidson, Mentor and President of American Seminar Leaders Association (ASLA) and SuccessTracs,  a division of  Peak Potentials, headed by T.Harv Ecker, as well as also working with her private individual and corporate clients.


Dee usually start with an assessment of the systems,  environment,

blockages, habits, relationships and life wheel for her clients. From there, she works with them to create and design incremental goals to work towards specific results.


Dee’s broad business background, as well as life experience and personal growth work, enable her to be highly creative, effective and solution oriented. She provides you with the tools, knowledge and removal of self-imposed barriers so that you are empowered to create the life of their dreams!


Dee has enabled women throughout the U.S. and Canada experience transformative results.


Dee’s coaching can help you speak and communicate more powerfully, as well as helping you live a life of integrity and authenticity.  

Dee is developing modules in the following areas:  

  • Character, Ethics, Integrity
  • Choice/Simplification/Multi-Tasking
  • Clutter Elimination - Organization Techniques - Conquering Overwhelm
  • Completion
  • Feng Shui - 5 Elements & Archetypes
  • Finances - Money Blueprints
  • Habits, Environment & Productivity Assessment
  • Information & Time Management
  • Life Balance (Wheel)
  • Managing the Inner Critic
  • Mission/Vision
  • Relationship Issues
  • Sales Techniques & Systems


Praise for Dee ~

I am so satisfied and excited from the results of our coaching sessions so far. You [Dee] hit the nail right on the head from session one in identifying what my core work is (being clear and speaking powerfully) and you have helped me tremendously in choosing actions to be the whole, powerful, person that I really am.  I feel so much better, more positive, happier more fear-less, more empowered, and more light than I have in a long time!


I am really starting to get that I do indeed "create my life" and that the doors are already open - I just have to choose to walk through them. Very cool stuff! ~ Gail Z.


I talk to you I am very inspired to act on your great ideas. ...and thanks for all your [Dee's] wonderful coaching.  ~ Elizabeth M.


Because of Dee's systems of paper flow and management,  I was able to do my taxes in advance and without any stress!

She is amazing. ~ Sharon F.


By the way, you have helped me so much in terms of organization with these filing systems. I've been able to keep a clean desk at work and a clean email and desktop! I have files for everything! Its great! I feel a lot clearer. ~ Jodi V.


I have had a great year of support from my coach, Dee Behrman. She has done a super job of organizing me and teaching me to de-stress.

I have Dee to thank for organized, labeled, easily accessible files and for thus being relieved of the tensions and frequent frantic scurrying

when looking for documents and bills. My taxes are paid, my work area is tidy and I now have so much more time to spend on important

issues plus easily finding time I thought I didn't have to allow my writing to blossom. ~ Alicja M.

Book your coaching with Dee Now…

Normally charging at least $125 an hour

~ Dee is offering you these special coaching packages ~

Five (5) one-hour telephone coaching sessions for only $495
(slightly less than $100 an hour- Save $130)

10 (10) one-hour telephone coaching sessions for only $995
(slightly less than $100 an hour- Save $255)

Just click on the link for the package you want.

Your Coaching Sessions will be conducted over the telephone at a time convenient for you on the subject matter set forth above.

The coaching fee will be charged to your credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express).   

You will receive an email explaining the details with contact information for your coach.


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